Official announcement regarding Change in Role for Jack Halpern

Hi all

My role as Convention Chairman of Unicon XII has changed with a view to
ensure greater effectiveness in taking advantage of my language skills and
contacts in what we have been calling the “Undevelped Unicycling Countries”
(UUC), such as China, Brazil and Israel.

The official announcement by the JUA (Japan Unicycling Association) of that
change is quoted below at the bottom of this message. I do hope that this change
does not inconvenience anyone. If you have any questions at all regarding Unicon
for matters unrelated to UUC, please address them to, and
the person in charge, probably Mayumi Sakaino or Hiroshi Masuda, will respond.

An agreement with the JUA calls for my activities to be strictly limited to helping
teams from UUC countries attend, so I must discontinue all other activities such as
translation, document creation, coordinating planning, attending meeting, writing
recommendation lettters, ensuring IUF rules are observed, and various others.
This will obviously increase the work load for the other Japanese officials, but
hopefully will not have a negative impact on Unicon management

It is important to point out that I will no longer be performing an important
duty as part of my old role: monitoring all Japanese documents such as rule
summaries to ensure that they strictly confom with the IUF Rule Book. I
assume that Daiki Izumida, who has helped update the rule book, will take over
that duty. Hopefully, we will not have a situation where rules are not followed
because of misunderstandings.

I thank everyone for your support in my previous role, and look forward
to seeing you at what may turn out the biggest and best Unicon ever.

P.S. The Registration Form, announcing registration, and sending out
U12 packages are leftovers form my old role, and I will continue to deal
with any problems related to those issues. though I don’t expect much
since I have completed those tasks.

Unicon XII Convention Chairman
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

------------------------ Official Announcement by JUA ------------------------
Dear Fellow Unicyclists,

We are directors of the Japan Unicycling Association (JUA), the
organizer of Unicon XII. In order to ensure the smooth management
of Unicon, we have made various changes in the organizational
structure of Unicon.

It was decided by mutual agreement that to enable Jack Halpern, the
Convention Chairman, to take full advantage of his langauge skills and
experience in organizing Unicons, his role will be changed as follows:

  1. Before Unicon, he will be in charge of helping organize teams from
    countries where unicycling is yet sufficiently developed as a sport, especially
    but note$B!!e(Blimited toe$B!!e(B China, Israel, Brasil and Spain.

  2. During Unicon, he will have ceremonial role including greeting speeches
    ande$B!!e(Bwelcoming the foreign delegations. He will not be involved in the actual
    management of any events.

We have also decided that to ensure better communications the JUA and the
members of the JUA-IC (International Committee) will make use of the mailing
list, and encourage those involved in Unicon management
to comunicate with us through that list.

We thank Jack Halpern for his work so far and wish him success in his new
role.We would appreciate if you can offer you cooperation in this regard, and
look forwarde$B!!e(Bto seeing you in Japan for this historic event

Japan Unicycling Association Koji Sugano
Hiroshi Masuda