Official 661 sponsored riders thread

Here’s the official thread for 661 riders.

I was thinking about each rider posting a personal profile on themselves, so we can see who’s actually on the team.

Rider: Joe Ramos

Time riding: 10 months

Type of Riding: Urban Trials

Favorite trick: High jump

Age: 16

Uni: Nimbus / 137 kh moment cranks/ kh street saddle/ jc pedals

Rider: Cornelius Johnson

Time (seriously) riding: 1 year

Type: Urban Trials

Fav Thing: High jump

Well thats cool, your either mocking me or we’re almost exactly the smae.

no mocking whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, well here’s my profile although it’s a little bit more in depth. I was asked to write up a personal profile for an upcoming newspaper article (5/5/08), and I was told that it will be used, almost as written, in the writeup; I guess she liked it lol!

Back in late 2005, as Piano tuner/technician Terry Peterson was about to turn 50, he began to notice a bit of a “spare tire” around his waste, which was the final motivation needed to get back in shape after years of a mostly sedentary lifestyle.
But deciding on just what kind of exercise program he would finally undertake would prove frustrating. Running, swimming, biking; these common, everyday fitness methods didn’t appeal to him; he’d been there, done that, and nothing else he’d tried up to that point held any lasting interest.

Then it dawned on him that maybe, just maybe, he could start unicycling again! It’d been nearly four decades since he last ridden one, but Terry thought he should check online to see what today’s unicycle’s had to offer.
Well, after a little online research, it was found that today’s unicycles have made quantum leaps in technology since the mid 1960’s, and a new, purpose-built one wheeled machine called a “Mountain” Unicycle, aka, “MUni”, was just what the sports doctor ordered!

This was a far cry from the very weak, low quality unicycles of the past, which for the most part were considered more of a novelty than any form of serious exercise. Indeed, the better MUni’s made today are as hardcore and hi tech as the best Mountain bikes! Strong, rigid aluminum frames, splined hubs and cranks, double walled 65mm wide rims, custom platform pedals (costing $100 per pair!) and even a hydraulic brake! This makes for a bullet proof one-wheeled calorie burner that can withstand drops as high as 8 feet…with the rider on it, of course!

In just the past two years or so, Terry has made more than 100 unicycling videos that can be seen on youtube and google-all of which have generated more than 100,000 views! Terry has tackled some of the most technically challenging trails from Moab Utah to San Diego, and most everywhere in between.

He has been featured on several sports websites, profiled in “Masters Athlete” magazine, appeared on Tru TV’s, “Ocean Force”, and most recently in a segment of KDOC’s “Daybreak OC”, which is broadcast to more than 5.4 million home in Los Angeles and Orange County, Riverside and Ventura county. Peterson had recently added two new sponsors to his growing “uni-resume”; SixSixOne and

Prior to his current career as a Piano technician and the Owner/operator “accurate Piano Service since 1999, Terry had quite a varied life as both an accomplished Ventriloquist and Radio announcer. Concurrent with his early start as a unicyclist back in the mid 1960’s, Terry was also fascinated with ventriloquism, after having seen Paul Winchell & his wooden sidekick “Jerry Mahoney” on TV.

After entering a school talent show in 1966-and winning first place-he found that performing in front of an audience was exciting and rewarding. Since then he has appeared as a guest star in several TV shows, starred in a PCS cell phone commercial, did a stint on a cruise ship, and also has appeared on stage from Hollywood to Las Vegas.

Today Terry rides his Mountain Unicycle seven days per week, and sees no slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the way he sees things, he’s “only just begun!” Now in 2008, Terry Peterson is among the rarefied few [over 50] going to the extreme…on just one wheel!

Rider: Jason Checkla

Time riding: 2 Years

Type of Riding: Primarily Trials, MUni, Distance.

Favorite trick: I don’t do tricks :).

Age: 20

Uni: Qu-ax Trials. Nimbus Gel Seat. Jimmy C TrailMix Pedals.

I think im still sponsored by them…So what the heck…

Rider: Cody Williams

Time Ridering: 7yrs

Type of Riding: Street, Muni, Trials, Giraffe (raffage!)

Favorite Trick: Off Road Gliding

Age: 18

Uni: Koxx-one trials Mutt(19"). Koxx-one Track monster(24"). Torker DX(modified 24in"). Torker 5 ft raffy(Giraffe). Nimbus 5 ft raffy.

What does it mean do be sponsored by sixsixone? Just large discounts or also stuff like money to go to events?

there are various levels that give you different percentage discounts on equipment. I don’t think they ever give out free cash.

Then I wouldnt call it sponsorship they just give you stuff for the price they normaly give it only to shops so the only thing is that they sell it direct and shops like dont get money.

They [sixsixone] and other companies specifically refer to it as “sponsorship”. So I guess it doesn’t really matter what you want to call it; 1/2 off the stuff I use, like and buy ain’t too shabby. :smiley:

And they also require you to sign and send in a rider “contract/agreement” for the duration of the sponsorship. Not sure how enforceable it is, or whatever, but it’s probably mostly a liabilty deal where by signing, the sponsor is not respnsible if you get hurt.

So, who wants to order me a 661 pressure suit, size medium??

Edit and fixed from my last post: Not sure how enforceable it is, or whatever, but a big part of being sponsored is doing promotion for the company, in exchange for the big discounts. I have no problem with that.

I just wanted to mark that it is nothing else then going faster to the end costumer without giving the normal seller money. Sure it is nice for you and I would take it also, but at least it is nothing else then taking the money away from uniproshop or any other store and bring it direct to the producer.

…but anyone can order directly from 661’s website. Of course, for anyone else there is no discount :).

I would shop at uniproshop, and have tried a few times already, but so far, they havent stocked up well enough for me to buy anything without it actually costing them more money to get it to me.

So until then Ill take other methods.

Name: Brendan Roman

Time riding serious street: 11 months, 1 week

Fav trick: Varial/Upping sets

Fav Obstacle: Anything I can hop up, so mainly ledges.

Name: Graham Burnett

Riding Time: 2-3 years?

Type of Riding: Anything trials, i like a challenge

Fav Trick: gapping, i love huge gaps, although they scare me

Age: 15

Fav obstacle: gapping to skinny

Uni: A quax/nimbus/kh uni. Quax hub/cranks (see my thread for the wobblies), nimbus II frame, Creepy crawly tire, nimbus rim, kh fusion street saddle. Fun fun.

Team 661, prepare. There is an opposing group on the rise.

Name: Jon Bognar
Riding:Around 9 months
Type of Riding: Trials and Street
Fav Trick: 90 unispin
Fav Obstacle: Hopping up 3 stair
Uni:stock KH