"Official" 29er Tire Reviews Thread

Yes, thanks for the review, and thanks guys for spotting that tire! I too have a Big Apple 2.5" on my 29" and I find it incredibly frustrating when it comes to road crown. I know I’m not the best rider around, but still I can’t get it in a straight line as soon as it’s not flat.

Really tempted to get one of those 29" HookWorm, especially as I’m in the US for 2 weeks - it doesn’t seem available anywhere else at the moment. I tried it on a 24" a year ago and loved the way it felt.
Before I take the plunge, feel free to post more feedback about this tire!

I have been weak and I pulled the trigger on a Hookworm for my commuter (I must really sell all my spare tires ! I must really sell all my spare tires !! I must really sell all my spare tires !!! :wink: ).

I was wondering how well it behaved in the rain as it doesn’t show that much grooves. Seems like the reviews on mtbr.com are quite positive regarding rain.

Can’t wait ! :smiley:

I rode my Hookworm on my geared 24" on 60km once, it was amazing! The tire was super fast, it was riding when I wanted to go. I use it on my street uni now, and the tire grips alot, I wouldn’t be worried about rain. I might get the 29er version eventually if I keep the G29. :slight_smile:

Maxxis Minion DHF 29x2.5

Has anyone tested the Maxxis Minion DHF? It’s now available in 29x2.5 and I’d like to know if this would be a good alternative to the Ardent 29x2.4.

Grooves on cycle tyres are irrelevant to performance in the wet - the curved profile and relatively narrow contact patch does a fine job of dispersing water. Grooves on vehicle tyres are designed to disperse water from a wide contact patch which tends to trap water under it, and prevent aquaplaning at high speeds - you won’t aquaplane a uni! A slick cycle tyre will actually have more grip on tarmac or concrete in the wet due to the larger contact area and lack of deformation of the tyre blocks - but consumers demand grooves.

I received the tire quickly but I am still waiting for the temperatures to stay consistently around or above 32*F to make sure the roads remains clean (that’s the last tire I want to test on snow or ice :smiley: ).

However, seeing some mixed feedback posted in the Learning Journal thread, I can’t wait to mount it and test it !

Hopefully, it shouldn’t be long… :wink:

Yep, very curious to see what you make of it. You’re a much more experience rider than I am. So you’ll be able to tell us if the tire is wrong or not. In my case, it revealed that I still need to work on my road riding skills! :slight_smile:

You’re too kind. I am running a tire that is nice but a bit squarish so turns needs to be compensated by the upper body if I don’t want to slow down too much. So I guess, it cannot be worse :stuck_out_tongue:

However, on thing I am planning to do is to start with the same pressure
(4 bar / 65 psi) as it can be harder to get consistent behavior when the pressure is too low.

So, stay tuned for the review (next week’s forecast is looking good :smiley: ).


Maxxis Hookworm 29x2.5 first contact review

I finally jumped in today. I swapped the tire this morning and got to test it on my morning commute and compare it to yesterday’s morning commute with my previous tire (WTB Exiwolf 29x2.3). My morning commute is 9 miles long with 3 good climbs.

Here are the common elements to both setups:
=> Rim: KH XC 38mm
=> Pressure: 4 bars / 60 psi
=> Cranks: 125mm
=> Shadow handlebar

To keep it fresh, I will try to break it down FAQ-style.

B What about the clearance ? Will it fit frame XYZ ?[/B]

The hookworm is given for 29x2.5 (63-622) where the Exiwolf is a 29x2.3 (55/50-622). However, thanks to the smooth profile, it fits under my 2006 KH frame with the reinforcement plate. It is only a couple of mm of clearance, but the tire being almost slick, I don’t foresee any clumping anytime soon (no tread to do the lifting and I am not planning to ride in sticky conditions).

Conclusion: if you can fit a 2.3 knobby tire, you should be fine.

B What about the weight ? Is it a dead horse ?[/B]

The hookworm is given for 1230g by Maxxis and I totally forgot to weight it :confused: OTOH, the Exiwolf is weighing 800g. On paper, it is a good 1lb heavier. In practice, the absence of tread make for such a smooth ride, it feels like a cloud (yes it is my very first slick tire on a uni). Even a bit tired today, it felt like the tire was asking to roll more than being pushed to. At worst, the extra weight made for a more stable ride (less wobbling :wink: ).

Conclusion: smoothness of tire trumps extra weight (at least in my comparison case).

B What about the grip ? Should I ride it only on a race track ?[/B]

New england roads this time of the year are no race tracks. They are now free from snow/ice but still full of sand/gravel on the side with a sprinkle of small snow & ice spots here and there (with a potholes bonus courtesy of snowplows).
When pumping it, I was surprise how hard it seemed even at 3 bar / 45 psi but I kept going for a fare comparison. It behaved consistently on the road, providing cushion on bumps & small holes while keeping a predictable line. The sand and small gravels were not a problem on the side of the road thanks to the contact patch & few grooves. I don’t worry having it on wet pavement (other already reported good behavior) and even taking a shortcut on dry grass should be fine. More than that is where I would personally draw the line (snow/ice/any off-road). I avoided the few snow patches here and there, maybe slush is fine but I wasn’t feeling playful today :smiley:

Conclusion: it is built for urban assault so any urban conditions are fine. There is enough volume to be comfy, it is rolling smoothly while still providing sufficient grip and is reported to be long-lasting (too soon to test).

B How did it feel ? Was it a fight with camber/turns/other difficult situations ?[/B]

On this short distance, I noticed right away the willingness of the tire to roll and it was a pleasure. I didn’t have to fight it and no over-compensation was necessary making for a slight improvement over the Exiwolf (maybe thanks to the absence of shoulder knobs). I stilll have a weird way to do turns at proper speed but I might be just me needing to learn how to make the most of a smooth tire. :stuck_out_tongue:

Conclusion: Overall, I am happy of the swap and look forward to using it more. Remember: YMMV :wink:

Thanks that’s a cool review!
Not much camber-y roads on your commute? How did it do on those?

My KH is slightly more recent, so I don’t think I have the 38mm rim. Though I might because that measurement is taken from inside the rim, correct?
Mine measures 46mm… on the outside of the rim.

Thank you SV for the elaborate review. With pierrox, I’m curious to know more about the response on cambered roads. Most other aspects you reviewed seem to be similar to the Big Apple tyres, which as we know are not good at handling camber.

As to the grip, the tyre has these wide but shallow grooves, and the “grating” profile in between. Especially the latter seems prone to wearing away in the middle, leaving you with a super slick running surface. I wonder that that will do with grip, and with running properties in general. I realise that it’s too early to tell though, just wondering.

This is still my favorite tire for my KH29. No off-road camber problems at all. I wish they made one for the 36".

Thanks for the info.

Is that on a KH rim?

Yep. It’s can be up to 65 psi, but I keep it around 55. I have the wider rim.

Yep, you’re not the first one mentioning that tire for a road 29". I have a Hookworm now, and it’s off the uni until I feel more confident, can’t just keep buying tires that end up in the garage… :slight_smile:

I put the Hookworm on my 24" Muni with the Dominator 2 rim yesterday and rode it a few miles today. I didn’t have the same camber related issues that I do with my Big Apple 50c on the 29er. It was slightly harder to keep straight but nothing I couldn’t handle. I would say it’s not quite as nimble as my 24" Sun which I believe has a Kenda Khan tire with 32mm rim.

Yesterday I rode in a loop around the streets on my 29er trying to get some ideas about camber. It’s about three miles on the side of a hill with about a 3-4% grade. When I ride west on the street across the hill I fight camber nearly the whole way. When I ride east on the same streets I have absolutely no problems. There is a slight hump on each side of the street so that rain water collects in the drains but nothing too severe. It’s really odd that I’d have such a hard time when there really isn’t that much slope to the hill.

I’m thinking of giving the Marathon a try but it’s hard to believe it will be much different than the Big Apple. A bit lighter perhaps.

The road I take during my commute isn’t perfectly flat all the way and I had not once to fight the wheel. There’s a road in my neighbourhood that I remember riding sideways because of the lateral slope. I will try it with the hookworm and post an update.

As for the tire wear, it isn’t too early to tell. This tire has been available in 24 and 26 like forever and it was a popular tire. There is plenty of feedback on it in this forum (and even earlier in this thread) and the common point is: it lasts!

I’ve never experienced the Big Apple so I can’t compare. I only know that the Marathon is not the problem my others are. It’s not a problem at all. The Oregon fat tire is the WORST for camber, on or off road. Right now I’m on a 3 wheeled knee scooter for a broken foot (yep, an unfortunate unicycle incident :angry: ). It’s an all terrain scooter which is a blast to hike with. It is really hard on the off camber trails. I’ve taken some good tumbles, but it’s so fun:D. The podiatrist gave me a scolding :roll_eyes: . I really miss my unicycles and bicycles though:(.

Second round

I had a couple more commutes with the hookworm in wet or dry pavement with a generous amount of sand on the side of the road : no problem whatsoever.

For the camber, I am crossing a street going downhill and there is no problem. I am still due to go to the road that is angled one side to see if I ride as much sideways as with the previous tire.

One big thing I noticed : like the previous tire, pressure is key to its behaviour. Once, it felt not as great as the previous rides. I checked the pressure and it was down to slight under 50psi / 3.3bar. As soon as I pumped it back to 60psi / 4bar, it was great (nimble and predictable). Nothing really specific but useful to remember :wink: