Off to Unatics @ Grant's Tomb shortly

Gave my son his first Uni last night and off to our first New York Unicycle Club meeting today. He turns 7 on Wednesday.

Hope its a good turnout, should be almost 40 degrees.

My name is Jeremy and he is Thomas, we both have cheap Jugglebug Uni for now, mines blue and his is red so feel free to say hi if you see us :slight_smile:

See you soon, Ill be taking some pics, vid and riding too.

You’ll have a great time with David Stone and the crowd. You’ll be in the ideal spot to pick up a lot of pointers. One warning, though, steer clear of Dave Lowell’s Coker. It was designed for midgets and the pedals eat shins for lunch.

Edit: Quiz: There is someone besides Grant buried in Grant’s tomb. Who is it?

Jimmy Hoffa.

Julia Dent Grant

Groucho Marx?