Off to Red Bull

My legs have ached pretty much constantly for weeks now, but it’s finally here; this is the weekend of the Mountain Mayhem!

The 29er is ready, I’m not, the boot is full of bananas, I finally found the tentpegs, the lights are charged and I have some new batteries for the camera… now to find out just how hilly the course is going to be…


And good luck to all who sail in her. Hope the lights work out OK, we need ride reports afterwards.

Good luck to the whole team.

Fingers crossed i should have a hub by next weekend.Phil could you build me my b.c?
Do you want a muni militia t-shirt?
If yes and the wheel NEEDS new spokes i will take the cost off the t-shirt.Only get cheap ones tho.but if u can re-use that would be better thanks.
Thanks if you can
JACKING stoped