Off to Europe

Thanks for the update on the updates. I was looking forward to reading them.

Enjoy the Europe!


And you Slovenia…!?
If so then please PM or rather e-mail me.

Different French unicyclists will be there : Yoggi, Ludo, Nicolas, Pierre, Mathieu, Sylvain (I think he told me that he met you last year in Carvin), probably Roméo and Adrien, and 2 other guys but I don’t know there name…
And probably others who didn’t say it.

Hannah Kreisz from Germany and David Weicheberger (Einradfreak) from Austria and some more Austrians…

I won’t be there… No holidays and not enough money :frowning:

But I’ll go to the French Alps to meet the riders. :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.


Re: Off to Europe

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 10:21:07 -0500, “S_Wallis” wrote:

>The daily updates are up, and the pictures are fantastic:‘Alps Updates’

They truly are. Who does the writing? Excellent vivid style, reminds
me of the Norwegian Unicycle Tour
<> (including the lay-out)
but those were done by someone else (Tanya, she’s not in the AUT).
Thanks much for going through the trouble for creating and uploading
the updates!

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All these updates are mking me über-jealous. I can’t wait until I can afford the expense and time off work to tackle a major uni-tour in a foreign land.

All these updates are mking me über-jealous. I can’t wait until I can afford the expense and time off work to tackle a major uni-tour in a foreign land.

Anyone know where/when the group will be in Geneva?

I’m leaving in a few days (aug 15) for a 5 month stay to finish my undergrad. It would be cool to meet up with everyone.


Look at their “Route” page. They will be there on the 19th according to that.

Quick update from a remote village in the Alps…

Irene and John are doing the writing of the updates. Andy did most of the layout of the webpage. He also has a cool program that takes all the data cards from all the digi cameras and puts them in a nice folder so choosing the photos of the day is much easier.
We got a nice bonus for the daily update by walking thru a town (Ilanz) that was having a town festival. As Dana and I were walking through town waiting for the riders to show up, she noticed a bunch of computers. We walked in, discovered they had internet connection. Found out we could plug in the memory stick with the daily updates into the computer and was able to update!

Today was TOUGH. Total elevation was almost 1600m; 80km. Killer day. We ended up in a great place near the top of a mountain pass.

Checkernuts - can you email me with some contact info? I can send you some details so we can meet up. That’d be great to connect.


Those pictures are AMAZING! I’ll bet you guys are having the experience of a lifetime.

Irene and John are doing a great job of condensing a lot of experiences into a quick read and making us feel like, to some small degree anyway, that we are there. The photos and the quotes of the day really complete it.
As Klass said, thanks for going to the trouble.


Hi again,

We just rode up two really cool passes to Grimsel pass^the scenery is amazing+

Yesterday was the most awesome descent ever^ the downhill just went on and on and on and on…

I finally got rid of the 110mm cranks^had enough after grinding up yesterdays pass. On 125mm cranks today’…man^this thing really climbs. We passes lotäs of bikers on the way up to grimsel pass and fucker pass.

Also met heaps of kiwis on this mountain so that was really cool.

Did I mention the scenery is amazing?



Incredible ride you all are having. Thanks for taking the time to update. Amazing scenery, the mountains are beautiful!

Looks like you’re being spotted…!
(her website sais she’s in that area, but where’s that pic she mentions?)

Thanks for posting all the stories, quotes and especially pictures. The photos are beautiful. Looks like you guys are having a great time!

We’re boiling our butts here in Sacramento, with temps over 100 every day since we got back from Ohio. But it’s a dry heat… Today we got sprayed for mosquitoes (the whole Sacramento area) because of too many cases of West Nile virus!

I think we saw her and her friend yesterday on the way up both passes. Pretty sure they were from NZ too :stuck_out_tongue:


The photo is here.


edit: arghh, Gilby beat me to it.