Off to Europe

Just wanted to say good-bye for a while to the group here. Beau and I, along with 8 other riders, are off to Europe for the Alps UniTour. Some riders have already left - the California contingent leaves tomorrow at 4pm.

We start riding next Monday in Fussen, Germany and will finish in Geneva, Switzerland, 19 days, 880km and 11000m of up and down later.

You can follow us on the website, post messages in our guestbook and (hopefully) see daily updates of pictures and stories of how it goes climbing 8 Alpine passes and eating mass quantities of fine food.


have a gr8 time!

Ride like the wind. Say “hi” to Florian and Christian for me.

Good luck there Nathan, hope you enjoy Europe :wink:

I wish I could be there.

Enjoy yourselves, and good luck!

Have a great trip!

I will be looking forward to the photos and ride stories. I think I did thorough enough reading of your training ride reports and photos that I should be in good enough shape to read whatever the Alps can dish out. Bring it on!


sick to my stomach

I just saw this for the first time… and I’m headed into germany that monday… and staying for that amount of time!

coincidence?? I think not!

too bad i’m going with someone… so won’t be able to join… it makes me sick to think of what i’m missing out on :frowning:

Re: Off to Europe

Hey folks, the best of luck in your AUT. Or should I rather say the
best of stamina, a firm butt and lots of fun?! If Europe were smaller
(meaning I would be closer), I’d come to cheer you on. Looking forward
to pics and stories.

Take care!

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:04:43 -0500, “llaman” wrote:

>too bad i’m going with someone… so won’t be able to join… it makes
>me sick to think of what i’m missing out on :frowning:
>llaman - average joe muni’er

Ummm, the Alps Unicycle Tour is not for the average joe muni’er…

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Best to you all, Nathan!

make a video that would be cool have a nice time

Yes a video just like that movie that’s on the internets, with an open beetle that went from coast (CA) to coast (NY).

Have fun nathan! i’ll see you when you get back

Enjoy! :smiley:

An really awsome adventure for sure :slight_smile:

Hez guzs,

Just a quick update´to let zou all know weäre having a great time. The riding is awesome. Andz Cotter is just having a bit of trouble uploading the dailz updates but Iäm sure weäll find somewhere with proper internet soon

I hope zou appreciate this post´itäs chewing through mz Euros real quick. And $%"! this stupid kezboard has funnz letters all ovedr the place.

Anzwaz, we are in this small Austrian town of Lech. Was a reallz cool ride with some nice climbs and a reallz cool decsent. The scenerz is awesome!

Zesterdazs ride into Holgau was reallz long and I just about bonked as we arrived. David had the UPD of the daz, spraining his ankle whilst heroiclz trzing to avoid running over Beaus head. He continued on despite this´riding almost 65km with a swollen ankle.

We wenät up into this reallz cool gondola todaz´this is such a cool town.

No time to write anz more, mz internet connectionis about to die.



Hey Ken, funny typing but I think we all got the general picture? Sounds like you lot are really enjoying yourselves! Well, except for David, bad luck on the sprained ankle, hope it doesn’t hurt too much… Erm, good luck with the rest of the ride?

You didn’t catchma


Ken, thanks for checking in. I have been eagerly awaiting the daily updates. I hope he is able to get them up soon. I sure hope David’s ankle doesn’t interfere with his fun and riding.

That keyboard does have quite an accent.


Hey, Nathan, bring me back a t-shirt. I’ll pay you back at Cal. Muni weekend. XL.

And have a great time.


Slight correxion

Thanks for the valiant effort to get news to us despite the exhaustion you must have felt and the difficulties using the Internet.

Just so everyone knows, it’s JOHN Stone who sustained a minor injury on the ride’s first day, not DAVID Stone – I’m certain of this.

Heal well, John! Good luck, Ken and all!

The daily updates are up, and the pictures are fantastic:Alps Updates

That looks like fun beyond description.


Re: Slight correxion

i knew that. sorrz man, not thinking straight and running out of internet time.

the updates are up for the first 3 dazs