[Off-The-Market] 36” NightRider Schlumpf (S00019)

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I’m putting up my cotterless Schlumpf 36er that has the knurled bearing torque reaction system - no level arm on this one.

It has 40mm bearings and the NightRider frame is a 40mm version which has had all the adjustments made to have it correctly fit.

This wheel was built into a custom Penny Farthing and you can read all about my project to get it back into 36er unicycle operation here:

I also include the custom made flange protectors that I purchased in case I wanted to rebuild the wheel with them for extra longevity:

People should be able to read more about this on the FaceBook post here

It comes with the tools needed for button removal / tightening and the special original+extra grease!

It is fully working - shifts back and forth with a solid clunk. No crank flex other than the normal gear free play.

Has a custom cut seatpost slot and requires a narrower 22.2mm post. See about thread.

I’m looking for the combined total of what I’ve invested into this wheel at £1000 and due to the weight and complexity this is only going to work for someone in the UK willing to collect.

Happy to discuss further via a video call so I can show a potential buyer it working :gear:

Any questions just ask!

(Selling due to getting a 2022 hub wheel!)


nice uni

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