Off-road video tape

I try some weeks ago to buy the G. Peck’s video tape about off road
Unicycling. I asked some questions,and as people seems to be
interessed, I can resume the information I get from Stephen Cernkovich
and Dennis Kathrens.

            The price of the tape is 23.5 $ (dollars), including foreign
            postage. Unfortunately, credit cards can't be accepted, and
            check or money order in US dollars must be used. The video
            format is NTSC, and that may be a strong problem for European
            people. (I stil haven't found a NTSC video player, that's why I
            still haven't ordered the tape). The adress for ordering the
            tape is: Unicycling Society of America PO Box 40534 Redford
            Michigan 48230

    Hope this may help