off road tires for schwinn s7 rim?

Anyone know if there are any off-road tires for schwinn S7 rims? If so where can I get one?

Thanks for the advice…

Kenda Kolossal D.H. 2.6". Get it from or the Kenda site. I think they might still be $5 on the kenda site. just google it and look for the official site.

I called and they said this tire does not fit the schwinn S7 rim…

any other suggestions?

Not the most helpful suggestion, but:

Get a “modern” rim. Then you can fit all of today’s tires. Your S7 is a relic of the 70s and earlier. I don’t know if tires are still being produced to fit that size. I used to have a tire called “Schwinn Tractor” on one. It looked a little like a Coker tire, only a little more aggressive. Not a heavy duty MUni tire.

ok do they make a

Schwinn Tractor 24x1 3/4?

I doubt it. Try eBay. Any tires being manufactured today for S7 rims are probably “regular” tires, not anything aggressive. That Tractor tire was also from the 70s, though I used it on my Schwinn in the 80s. Maybe even the 90s? :slight_smile:

Update: Apparently I still have that tire; I noticed it hanging up in my garage with a bunch of other ancient tires…

It’s not wide; about the same as one of the 1 3/4" tires, and the tread is relatively mild. It comes from the days before mountain biking! :slight_smile: