Off-Road Frame Repository


My recent interest in framebuilding has led me to start a web page of
specs on some common frames. This will be a reference tool for people
looking to buy a new MUni, as well as some comparison numbers for those
out there building frames of their own. The biggest features we are trying
to quantify is weight, tire clearance, and lateral flex of each frame. The
page is at

You will notice the sheet is not yet complete. I measured the two frames
that I have recently made and added their specs. Nathan Hoover weighed his
Telford piece by piece at the LBS and sent me the data on that. I have
posted whatever info I could glean from’s web site as to
frame material and finish of production frames. With your help, we can
complete the table. Email me accurate weights and dimensions if you can
get them. Some things like tubing thickness we may have to contact the
manufacturer for (cheaper than cutting a frame apart). Comments are
welcome, especially if you notice something missing or incorrect. We can
add more categories, too, like Coker frames.