off days and unispin

we all have off days dont we? yea, i was practicing my 180 unispin for about an hour and i got it ONCE :angry: ; So then i started to ride on some curbs that i can consistantly go all the way on, tonight i couldnt even get halfway :angry: . any more tips for unispins!?! ive read all the tutorials and whatnot, just looking for something to get me a bit farther. very frusterating:(

Kick your legs out more thatn you would think neccasary.

If you can do them, you can do them, let gravity do its thing and just expect to land it…

ummm, pete, i dont need help on the curbs, just the unispins, thanks anyways, i was kinda unclear wasnt i.

Just put it down to an off day dude.
You’ll nail them again tomorrow i’m sure.

I was actually talking about the unispins… I could’ve said “spin the unicycle 180 degrees” but that would be a bit obvious. I was trying to give tips on the mindset you need to land them consistantly :sunglasses:

sorry, im kinda out of it

check out my video tutorial in my sig, may help with your 180 and I hope it will help with your 360s.