Off-center seatposts??

I bought a sweet, used KH24 muni on ebay. It came with a Coker saddle and it’s mounted on the same kind of seatpost that most road bicycles use (the kind that has 2 bars going through the clamp ie: .

The issue I’m having is due to the center of the seat in respect to the center of the wheel. I think the seat is a little off center because I have to position my body’s COG to the right of the wheel in able to keep my side-to-side balance. It’s difficult to explain but if anyone understands what I’m talking about, any suggestions for how I can fix this issue? Is it a simple adjustment or do I need a new saddle? A new seatpost? The Coker saddle does look a little skewed off center. It just feels weird to ride because of this.


Bring it tonight and I’ll fix it for you.

it sounds like 1) its just twisted and 2) you aren’t used to the setup

The rails are so useless… Mine keeps folding to the left more and more. Try to pick up a new KH adjustable post if you can or just a regular seatpost.

Get an adjustable kh post ftw. I got one on my KH24 08 model and I have had no problems with it. Totally worth it.

I got rid of the rails long ago and have the SW derail CF base, with a thomson seat post. Strong, rigid, light. :smiley:

Off Center Seat Post.

I think that your problem is a common problem with new unicycles especially larger ones. When I first got my kh29 I was always twisting my body to the left to keep it going strait. After a few long rides this effect just disapeared.

There are a few posts abou this issue.


Thanks everyone! I’m going to just get a new seatpost. I was hoping it was fixable, but I’ll just buy a new one that’s not rail-mounted.

You could also buy a new rail type seat post, I don’t know if it was your rails that were messed up or your seat post, but it looked like the clamps on that seat post were too small to hold the seat right.

These are 12 bucks:

I am pretty sure the 05 KH frame is 27.2mm.

I could be mistaken though, and it might be that your rail adapter is twisted. In that case you would need to take off the rail adapter and get a 12 dollar regular seat post.

The regular seat post will be lighter and easier to set up, BUT you will not be able to adjust the seat angle. It should fix that problem though.

Problem solved

It was the rail-mount seatpost that was the problem. I bought a new KH seatpost (surprisingly for $12 on and a KH freeride saddle and installed it. The unicycle “feels” and rides like it should!