Of urban night rides, and exertion

So, Adam and I try to get together at least once a week and go ride somewhere, usually thursdays, and yesterday followed normal procedure there. Except, where we normally ride for a couple hours, last night turned into 7 or so.

After an obligatory stop at the ever-so-t(o)asty Quiznos, we headed down south to Fort Meyers beach to get in some riding. I’m not sure that words can convey what a blast it was, maybe Adam will have better luck, but here are some highlights:

Gaining a 16-17yr old bmx riding fanboy, who started by inquiring about our equipment, and ended up tagging along for one of our numerous trips up and down the beachfront,

Improvements in both our one-foot riding [at the end of the night, I one-footed half a mile or so back to the car, and then some: just because I could], and some improvement in my one-foot extended, as well,

Almost exclusively positive comments [pardoning the “you’ve lost your wheel!” and "where’s your other wheel?"s] over the whole span,

Several small sets of stairs which were tackled hopping up, riding down, rolling hop down, and every which way,

Not one, but two Fine Young Ladies who not only expressed interest in the unis, but asked if they could try getting on. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige…

Adam nailing a sweet mUNIac-video style 90degree twist sidehop to roll-out to pavement from atop a picnic table,

And some attempted wheel-walking, including the move that was discussed last week or so, that’s a combination of one-foot riding, and one-foot wheel-walking.

That’s the gist of it, anyway… like I said, you just had to be there.

My apologies that this isn’t as narrative or as lyric as some recent event-summary posts have been, and to Harper: I’m sorry, we wish we did have, but there are no

Pics Please,
John M

Great work on the one foot riding…that’s amazing. But you forgot riding straight up those stairs…ask John Foss.


There’s some small benches that I could only climb via a crank grab, last night I was able to pre-hop and get rubber on these benches.

Both of us nailed incredible distance on rolling hops, and I nailed some pretty impressive horizontal height gapping along with rolling hops down a large sized 3 step set of stairs.

John managed NOT to fall into a fountain that we were riding around, and I managed not to biff infront of the girl that was sitting on the end of it when I did a rolling hop off it.

Neither of us got hurt in the slightest of ways, besides some minor fatigue and aching.

Free pizza at the 24 hour pizza place downtown.

I haven’t learned this trick yet. Those deep, cool waters call so sweetly to me.