# of unicyclists in the U.S

What is the estimated number of unicyclists in the U.S.A.?

Okay, I am going to sound really stupid but
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Hehe, you said estimate, so I did. =p


2 1/2. Counting Benjaug.

What’s a unicyclist? Someone who rides everyday? Someone who rides once a month? someone who can unicycle, but doesn’t? Someone who owns a unicycle? There have been many threads on this topic in the past and they never come to a conclusive answer because defining a unicyclist is actually quite tricky.


Also because we don’t know. Kington said what I usually end up saying when journalists ask me how many unicyclists there are. These days it’s usually “how many mountain unicyclists are there?” Same answer, lower estimated number.

My guess for the # of people in the United States who can ride a unicycle:
1,000,000. Most are not active.

Yeah, simply learning to ride is actually pretty popular. The stuff that we do is weeeird.

First: Define “Unicyclist” as mentioned above and then allow for a scale of 1 to 10 of personal relevancy towards that definition (Not at all, a little, somewhat, a lot; you’ve seen these scales).

Next: Randomly select a large population of Americans (5000+) to answer that definition. Repeat several times to secure an average ratio and use this to reasonably guess the number of unicyclists in the country.

will you sponsor me to do this?

I guess the people most qualified to answer this are the manufacturers. If we knew how many unicycles KH, Qu-Ax, Onza, Coker, Schwin, Nimbus etc have sold in the last 5 years then that would be a good starting point.

I know that from the ‘how many unis do you own’ thread that the amount sold would need to be divided by Pi, so that should give us a good starting point.

Of course, there’s lots of home made unicycles about, and old ones that are still going, plus ones that have been built up from spare components. However, I think these would probably cancel out the ones bought with good intentions that are now rusting away in sheds after 2 weeks of failing to be ridden, as well as those which have got damaged beyond repair.


Is that a joke? Or just unicyclist you have seen?

i would define a unicyclist as a person who rides a unicycle often once a week at the least…however what i meant was “how many people in the u.s. can ride a unicycle sucsessfully”

No. There really are only 2.5 unicyclists in the entire U.S.A. The rest just fake it really well.

Damn. And all this time I thought I had skills. :frowning:

Ha! I am actually classified as a unicyclist then. I just hope I am not the 1/2 person. :roll_eyes:

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Asking the manufacturers how many unis they’ve sold would be irrelevant as well. I own 6 and I suspect that most of us HERE probably own more than one as well. I’ll bet that 3/4 of uni sales in the US are to people like us who actually make a habit of riding, the other 1/4 to newbs who might try a few times then quit. It takes determination to learn to ride one of these. I’ve tried to convince my co-workers to try and everyone says, “hell no”. Then I pull out the 5 footer.