Of Torkers: would a spare Miyata seat make the old style like a Stealth?

I’ve got my KH seat, and naught to do with my (franken)Miyata. However, as I lamented on not having a really light unicycle to bounce around on (my 24" muni just seems too beefy), I thougt: hey! I could stick my 'yata seat one the old style Torkers, and it could be a semi-trials uni, and it would be the same as a Stealth!

Would there really be a difference between that and the Stealth?

However, I know that while this setup would be cheap and appear as ideal, I need feedback on whether or not this seems like a good idea. I know it would definitely not hold up to repeated drops over two feet, but such a unicycle seems like it could be good for jumping around on stuff and pedal grabbing, etc.

So, make some noise at me and say what you think.

P.S. My avatar is a pic of me hopping off the trunk of a neighbors car (‘84?6? Buick) with my friend’s Avenir uni, which i broke, so obviously i would not use a cheap 20’ like that for such a thing.

Hey Johnny,

We use the Torker Unistar in our unicycle club and they are the best thing that I know of for what we use them for (teaching people to ride). However, these are not really designed for anything other than staying earth-bound. The cranks and the standard pedals will bend at the slightest suggestion of a significant drop. We have not had any failures with the frame. I think that if you use it as a semi-trials you will soon have a semi-unicycle and be looking for parts.

The difference between the Chrome Unistar and the Stealth Unistar is much more then the seat. The frame of the Stealth is much wider then the chrome, allowing a wider tire. The Stealth comes with an aluminum rim and a 48 spoke hub. All of these combine to make a much better uni then the original Chrome Unistar.

Right now, I have a Stealth that I ride. My first uni was the chrome but the hub died. I ride my stealth pretty hard and it seems to take the abuse well. But, if you are going to spend the money on a half trials, I’d say go all the way and get a good one.


I do 4 stair 2.5 ft. drops on my torker 24 inch and haven’t had any problems so far. Today I did a rolling hop onto a park bench. Of course I have only had it since christmas so I don’t know how long it will last. I’m also only 120 pounds.