Of tacos and true-ing ...

So yesterday I finally take my KH29 on a real muni trail–one that I wouldn’t normally consider using anything but my 24x3 on–and had a blast. So much so that I decided to try riding down a really steep, rocky section that I can (barely) clean on my 24. Well, halfway down I saw the error of my ways and tried to bail–but bailing is a little different on a 29 than a 24, and my attempt to let the uni run out in front of me while I land behind it didn’t play out quite right. Instead, I found myself still centered on the seat and the wheel, now without any feet on it to control it, still headed straight down (toward some nasty rocks and a gnarled old tree). Well, I took nasty tumble and ended up with good, old-fashioned abrasions on my forearm and hip. In the process, I landed hard with my foot on the uni’s wheel, between the hub and the tire on the non-frame side, after the uni had hit the dirt. So I put a whole lot of sideways stress on the wheel–I weigh around 200 lbs, and had probably dropped 3-4 vertical feet before impact. The wheel ended up being out of true afterwards, but not horribly–it rubs on the brake, but was rideable.

So here’s my question. Is the wheel now just out of true, the way that wheels often end up out of true? My previous wheels (on uni and bike) have generally gone out of true as a result of lots of little abuse over time, never from a single identifiable impact. Can I just true this back the way I would normally (I’ve done it before many times, thanks to Sheldon Brown and a bike mechanic buddy)? Or have I begun a taco for this rim? Like I said, it’s not badly out of shape or anything, but I wondered if I might’ve damaged the spoke nipples or something by putting such a sudden impact on them.

Any info from those with similar experience is welcome!

my guess is that you probably bent the rim slightly, so you’ll have to true it out. It will be possible to true it out, but you won’t be able to have even spoke tension as you did before, so it’ll probably be slightly weaker.

my friend chuck used to bend his dx32 rim doing static side hops and drops, and has been able to (mostly) true them out. his spoke tension is all over the place though.

Assuming that the out-of-trueness is smooth, just true it up (stress relieve and all that rot) and you should be fine. Well, visually examine each component carefully (hard not to do if you are truing it).

Ensure that, doing MUni with the 29er, that you have your seat as low as you do on the 24" with respect to the bottom pedal. This will help you quickly get the uni out from underneath you in a bail. The tendency may be to have it higher, since you are used to having it for road riding.