Of all the rotten luck

I haven’t ridden my unicycle in two weeks due to my warped rim. I ordered an Alex DM 24 rim from uni.com.

It arrived today and uh-oh the rim is 24 inches when I need it to support a 24 inch tire.

When i return this rim, what size rim do I need to get? I didn’t see any 23 or 22 inch rims for sale.

Will I ever ride again? I hope Zach’s summit comes soon.

… Sorry, do you mean you got a 24" rim for a 24" tyre?? Surely that’s what you’re after isn’t it? Or did you get a 26" rim??

If your rim measures 24" then it’s not a 24" rim.

The actual diameter of my 24" rim is around 21".

sounds like you may have a 26".

A 24" rim is of such a size that with the tyre fitted it will be approx 24" toal diamater.

I ordered a 24 inch rim (Alex DM 24) and it fits all the old 26 inch tires in my garage, but not my unicycle.

ok, because a 24" rim is supposed to fits a 24" tire. but if it only fit 26" tires, then its obviously a 26" rim (i figured that out by myself!)

Well the rim is 24 inches wide. My current wheel is 24 inches wide with the tire on. Obviously I need a smaller rim, but what size?

24" wide? That’s a fat rim! :wink: As said above, the rim should be 21" or so. And also, as said above, it would seem you have a 26" rim. You need to change it for a proper 24". They may have made a mistake at uni.com or wherever you got it.

Then I am off to call and return it! Away!