Odyssey Twisted pros, anyone used them before?

Hey i was looking to buy some new pedals and i heard about these anyone used them before? How about the wellgo B-37 platform pedals or some BMX style pedals.


The Odysseys are pretty nice, but if you are looking for something hardcore, check out any bike shop that sells BMX stuff. Right now I have S&M’s that I stole from my freestyle bike. I really love them. Its like being cliped in without all the danger. Also check out www.danscomp.com for a great load of parts and accesories.
-David Kaplan

Wellgos are good. Cheap and they are readily available. I’ve used diamondbacks before, single cage. Large platform, lots of room for your foot but wear armour!

i use odysee pros, there brutal, they cut your legs hard core, and the cleates come out, ive had to put locktight on them many times, if i could go for another differnt pair of pedals id go for it, but yeah i guess there alright.

what about the Wellgo b-37 pedals? i think you can see them here


or just search pedals in on the search engine of that site.


The Wellgo B-37 is a quality pedal. It doesn’t have a super large platform, but is the typical platform size for that style of pedal. The B-37 can handle some abuse. It’s a popular “budget” pedal for the DH and freeride bike folks. $36 CAD is a very good price for those pedals.


I’m just worried about the screws, they use a hex key to remove them, and with pedal climbs and all…

Yup. The little hex head on the set screws will get all mashed up really quick and you’ll no longer be able to use the allen key to remove or tighten them. I use pliers to tighten the set screws after the hex head is all mashed up. No big deal.


What about the snafu pedals at unicycle.com? YOu can get the non sealed bearing type in the thirties range. The upgrade to the
sealed bearing type is around 60. KH uses or used those.
I splurged and got the sealed bearings, because they were have no “slop”.

I like them a lot. PIns come in from the top of the pedal, not from underneath. Always feel grippy to me.

Work the maze.

I have odyssy’s. They are fine. the pins screw up from the bottom, and when some got knocked out, i just screwed thicker hardware store bolts up through the botom…just as good, and can tighten them up as the heads wear down…so even better.

I like mine just fine