Odyssey pedals - alu or plastic?

I wonder which are better for street/flat riding, considering a grip (also possibility to stick on griptape), durability and price at the end (one pair of alu or two plastics)

thanks for suggestions!

plastics IMO but its really up to you weather you want your shins torn up or take away some traction and go with plastics…

I have too many scars on my shins already…
I was thinking about using griptape instead of pins - so a point for alu here for a bigger surface
but what about weight and durability?
overall feeling?


be honest, do you always wear pads? me either :slight_smile:

but scars aren’t the point of this thread :wink:

Pretty much! I didn’t wear pads like a week ago, but that was because they were in another state and I paid for it to!

well if you want surface area with plastic as the same as metal get some of these very cheap, could put griptape on them and danscomp is amazing

im riding some green plastic oddyseys on my street uni and they are great. i think they grip better than my old koxx pedals and dont tear up your shins much. plus they are light and the color is great for catching the pedals in flip tricks. i would def go with the plastics. they are only like 25 bucks so ur not loosing much if they turn out to be bad for you. surprisingly they hold up in grinds and pedal grabs as long as the surface ur sliding on is smooth and your not moving forward when you pedal grab.

One word: Plastics :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, I’ve had more than enough pedals hitting my legs from years of bmxing to know that pads are worth wearing.

With pedals, go with what you want. I usually run metal pedals, but I saw some plastic Animal pedals cheap on e-bay so I thought I’d give them a try.

Plastic is fine for muni and street, I have two sets and like them okay, though I think you could get a lighter set unless you really like that platform, but if you want more stick you should consider getting some better shoes, like the 5.10

I always wear pads, as well as a helmet and wrist guards. One screw up and I’m out for a while, so why risk it for appearance or comfort sake.

Of course I’m old, so this wisdom comes from experience. If you’re young and don’t want to learn from the experiences of other, feel free to have your own painful experiences :roll_eyes:

go with the plastics. There the best for street. Easier to grind, lighter, won’t hurt as bad, and cheap.

Odyssey Twisted PC pedals (those are the plastic composite ones).

It’s a satisfying feeling lifting your trousers up after a slam to shins to reveal no blood. Get plastic.

I tried grip tape with Odyssey pedals and was not happy with it. I tried two sets of odyssey pedals leaving more pins on the 2nd set but I still went back to Odyssey plastic pedals with just pins and no grip tape. I did sand the pins down shorter on this last set to reduce the chance of real damage to my legs and also to make the pedal flatter which felt better to me.

plastic pedals are the best ever. unless your doing muni or trials… then get the metals.

there’s a new option out there - Wellgo plastics with metal pins…

We will read about that in the next Uni Mag, right? :wink:

I don’t know what you mean!!! :smiley:
I have very little information on them, but there’s a nice pic…
400 grams a pair and lots of pretty colours available.