Odyssey Cielincki Pedal

I’m going to purchase Odyssey Cielincki Pedal.

I have 2 questions:

Does magnesium pedals have a lighter weight than the aluminum? Or can anyone tell me why magnesium pedals cost so much more?

Should I go with sealed bearings or loose bearings. I have the money for sealed bearings but if the majority of my riding is doing urban trials and street does it make a difference if I have loose bearings?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Also are these the same as the jc’s everyone recommends?

My opinion is that if you have the money for magnesium/ sealed pedals you shouldn’t be buying Jimmy C’s.

I really don’t like them for several reasons.

The pins are tiny = barely any grip
They are heavy (not a huge issue though)
They are thickish

they are still good pedals, but there are definitely better ones out there.

Magnesium is like aluminum but lighter and more brittle.

Yes, the magnesium is lighter. I don’t know how much lighter the mag JC’s are then the ‘regular’ ones, but you can probably find out their exact weights somewere.

For trials and street, you’d be better off with non-sealed pedals. Supposedly, sealed pedals should last longer under normal conditions, say like, mountain biking, but with any trials hopping and dropping type impacts they are actually more fragile.

I recently got a pair of the regular JC’s (bought from Mornish, in fact!). I like them, but the pins are short and they aren’t all that grippy, and are bad when wet. I believe you can get a longer set of pins for them, I will try to get some once I start riding again. If I do, I’ll probably end up doing something like half short pins/half long, as I don’t like too much grip either.

With the number of people riding with plastic pedals, I would not argue that “not grippy” is a good reason not to get pedals. I ride plastics for street, and I used them in the Aussi Uninats (because I had no other pedals with me) and they were plenty grippy for what I needed (came 1st equal in that comp).

For trials and street, I would recommend sealed pedals over loose bearing pedals, as from my experience, they will generally last much longer (the bearings will not fatigue anywhere as badly). If you’re using plastic pedals (cheaper anyways) then this is not an issue, as they tend to be more disposable.

Jim C’s are pretty high quality pedals, they do weigh more than some other pedals tho. And yes, the magnesium ones are lighter.

Ciao for now.

Jim Cielencki model is dead.

Trail Mix is in.

This pedal is better in every aspect.

Lighter than Magnesium JC’s.
Not Knurled to collect dirt like glue.
Longer Pins, more grip.
Wider flats for a wrench to grip.

At least they look cool.

i dont know why someone would do “blood spatter” my redlines look like that too…and its real blood

I actually love my JCs…they arent that heavy, could be lighter. Not to grippy but my feet dont slip, and big platforms, I really like them alot.

im not trying to dis you here isaac but how many pedals have you tried? Im curious because i have been thinking about getting these for a while so…i wanna know…ill prolly end up getting animal hamiltons caus i have heard good things…just curious

I haven’t tried a whole bunch but I do love my hoffman solemates

These look sick though

These are awesome for price/weight/grip ratio, I would give them 10/10/10 out of 10.

I’ve ridden them with different style pins, but those ones are equally as big, and most likely even more grippy.

Haro, JCs, Snafus, Plastic Wellgos, Basic Plastics, Animals, DX Pedals, Metal Wellgos…I dont know…

My favourite out of those are the JCs and the Animals.

I will admit that I like the Wellgo pedals that came with my DX a lot more now.

I prefer the huge grip they have, as well as lighter weight.

JC pedals are hugely over-rated how they come with those little pins, I’m thinking of going and buying screws for mine.

The little pins is what makes them what they are. Its a nice mix between grip and being able to adjust your foot position with ease.

They are not rated as super grippy, light pedals. They are clearly marketed as strong fairly inexpensive metal platform pedals. They even are described as having “grip but not to much grip”. They are designed to be easy to move your feet around for street style ridding.

Personally after ridding plastics for most of my ridding, the JimCs do feel a bit heavy. Tho they are still fantastic, long lasting urban pedals if you are looking for a strong metal pedal.

Thanks for all your replies. I’m doubting wether or not to get the jc’s now from your reviews. I mean for one there expensive so if they have poor grip and heavy weight whats the benefit of spending the extra money other than durability. The reason I was thinking about the jcs is bcause they’re on amazon and I have a amazon giftcard I want to spend. If someone with pedal knowledge could look at the amazon pedals under $100 and tell me what I should get for my style of riding that would be great. Right now I’m riding the wellgos that came with the torker dx, and I’m looking for an improvement in weight and grip.

If nobody recommends any pedals off amazon, then feel free to throw some ideas out there that I should spend it on. Preferably stuff able to go on my standard torker dx.

Trail Mix.

They have the wrong picture listed though.

I agree, the trail mix looks like a great pedal for those who want more grip and less weight out of their JimCs. Look good for muni, If I was gonna do mostly street with them I would take all the pins out put grip-tape on the body, and some small pins in.


Socket head pins for thos who bend/ rip thim out from pedal grabs and grinds. (normal pins are too short for me, prob the same w/ these)

Also first time I’ve seen a grind plate that you could buy, as opposed to DIY.

I’ll consider the trail mix pedals. The other two pedals I saw on amazon were




Has anyone ever used either of these two pedals?

I actually just bent another pair of Jimmy C, they are so far the strongest pedals I can find for hte money, I use longer pins for grip and have been using jimmy c odysees for a nimber of years, I have had at least 5 pairs, So obviously I like them enough that I am constantly going back, they are wide which is great for street and trials, and much more comfortable for drops compared to regular welgos or something of that sort. I have a different question about magnesium pedals…are they stronger?