Odyssey 2,35" tire for flatland!

Hi! I’m thinking about to buy a 2,35" BMX tire for my signature freestyle (which I mostly use as a flatland unicycle).
Has anyone tried 2,35" for flatland or is the highest 2,1" (except for trials tires)? If you have please tell me if it’s worth buying! :smiley:

This is the specific tire: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=59032
Im gonna order one in orange/white if I am gonna order it :wink:

If it fits in the frame go for it.

It’s avaiable in orange

Also there are a few other widish BMX tires out there that I’ve seen.
Brand? 2.30", 2.35", 2.40", & 2.5"

Flybikes Sergio 20x2.35"

And there’s the Schwalbe Big Apple 20x2.35 that’s been out for a while, but I think I’ve heard it has kind of weak sidewalls.

Is the width of the rim going to be a factor? What is it?