Odometer on the 29er

This morning I tested the new odometer.

Yuni 29 with KH saddle and 125mm cranks.

Ride time: 55 minutes
7.36 miles
average speed 7.6 mph
top speed 13.6 mph

This seemed pretty good for me, at my level. Some of you folks are at a higher level.

If you know, what are your comparitive numbers?

My cycle computer is coming in the mail today (with my GB handle), I can’t wait! I’m putting it on a 700c with 125’s, I’ll let you know my rates this afternoon.

That’s a pretty good average. I’ve been riding just over 3 months and last Saturday I did an off-road ride on my 24x3 Yuni with 170 mm cranks, here’s the results:

7.81 miles
average speed of 5.2 mph
top speed 10.6 mph

Wow! Over 10 mph on trails with 170s on a 24"!!!

Your legs must’ve been a blur!

What kind of terrain?

When I’m on my 24 x 3 with 170s, I feel like a bulldozer.:wink:

There are some sections that are relatively level where you can really get a good flow going. I just got a set of 150mm cranks yesterday and will probably install them later in the week to see how they work. That top speed was for a very short time as you can tell by looking at what the average speed was!!!

I put the 150’s on my 26x3 Muni today and went out for a quick 1 mile lap around the park, WOW!!! I cut almost 2 minutes off my usual time with the 170’s with an average of 6.7 mph and a top speed of 12.6 mph and that was only 1 mile!!!
Unfortunately, I have to ride mountain bikes with a friend who is in from out of town, so I won’t get a chance to try the 150’s in the dirt tomorrow:( :frowning: :frowning: