ODM 2010 {competition}


A video of a german competition called ODM. The editing was done in 1 day so don’t expect an as good one as in the last videos i did (: It was just fun to do it.

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1089-ODM2010
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1089.odm2010.mov




Amazing filming

Treytriple was awesome

That was awesome! Were there flat battles?

thanks. yes there were. almost all clips were during the battles or the qualification run.

Oh alright, awesome. Who won the competition then?

me :smiley: haha xD
2nd ludwig
3rd alex (quax uni)
4th till (freestyle uni)

I really enjoyed watching that vid

Amazing editing, amazing riding!
did you get the clip of the 720 on wheel? i dont think i saw it in there?
lovely treytriple :slight_smile:

thanks alot.
not the landed one. -.-
just the first try:

but im sure alex could get and maybe film it again for all who wants to see it.


Ah sorry, i thought it was you who landed it :stuck_out_tongue:
very much enjoyed the video, just watched again! :slight_smile:

in youtube i dont see anything and in unicycle tv i can watch the video but without any noise and that other link you gave doesnt work …^^
dont you uploded it on vimeo?
sony music entertainment makes so much stress about that copyright stuff
here in germany:(