Ode to Unicycle.com

Now Imagine a Tesco where food changes to wheels
And saddles,cranks and seatposts season all your meals

Forget the fuss of little kids screaming in the aisles
Or kicking down baked bean cans from carefully placed piles

Look upon the shelves, tyres of every size
Shoppers get so excited “we can’t decide!” they cry

Forget those counters to taste stuff they offer loads of trials
That are guaranteed to satisfy and on every face put smiles

A place where giraffes are vegetarian and corkers are not just in wine
There are saddles of every flavour, colour and design

Got no time to make your own or prepare a dish?
No worries you can order ready made whatever it is you wish

Sainbury’s has mouldy apples hidden in its boxes
But in this store Onza’s and Quaxx, replace Granny Smiths and Coxs

Why have Jamie Oliver’s name recommending what you buy
When you can have Kris Holm cranks to fly you through the sky

With special home delivery it doesn’t get much better
And friendly customer service by email, phone or letter

A shop of one-wheeled wonders in every size you like
All carefully designed and built a million times better than a bike!

awesome poem:) I loved it. Great work:) :astonished: :slight_smile:

yes the winter makes us all think of things to do well done doing something productive, i am on here lol

That was really good. How much time did that take? awesome.



Looks good… but when can we download it as an MP3?


aw thanku

Oh my! Thats impressive!!