odd saddle found at swap meet.

i bought a saddle at a swap meet today that looks very much like a Viscount but isnt.

its got a medal baseplate like a Viscount and identical bumpers like a Viscount but they are white?,and the seat is softer than any ol’ Viscount i’ve ever sat on.

instead of having a viny cover over the foam its got a second foam like over cover,similar to some cheeper plastic seat based seats ive seen.

nowhere on it does it say Viscount but it looks real simmilar.the white bumpers are the strangest.could this be one of the first to land here from Taiwan?

Hpaircpse,r HpalreparsHea!


You missed the ‘e’ in the second pass. I can’t tolerate a misspelling like that. That’s what the edit button is for. As you can see below, I have used the edit button to post the correction.

Hpaircpse,r HpalrepaesreH!

im confused…

Re: odd saddle found at swap meet.

This screams ‘pictures please’.

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So am I. What’s the third ‘H’ for? I don’t think I’m barking up the wrong tree, but that’s never stopped me before…


Is the saddle old? Is it lightweight? The Viscounts are notoriously heavy. I think United makes a seat with bumpers on it but they’re black from what I remember.

The third “H” is shifted to replace the third “a” after making the obvious spelling correction.

its heavy like a Viscount.i’ll have to get a picture of it,then bring this thread up again later.


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