Odd Noises

Lately my unicycle has been making some weird sounds. Whenever I’m holding my uni, not riding it, and I push down on the handle it makes a little popping noise. Also when I’m riding I put a lot of pressure on my right foot then pedal very fast it almost sounds like the spokes are making a popping/snapping noise. This also happens sometimes when I jump or ride of something or when I first get on the unicycle. Anyone have any idea what either of these noises are and if they are bad or not?

For the pedals it may be the pins.
As fot the lift handle, it may not be tight. you would need to tighten the bolts on the bottem of the seat.

Assuming all your hardware on the saddle is tight, you probably have snapped the stiffener plate between the foam and seatbase. Taking apart the seat will give you an answer on that.

On the second sound. It could in fact be your spokes. Some may be a bit loose, if you don’t already have a spoke wrench that may be a good investment. Search around online for proper spoke maintenance.

Depending on your type of unicycle some times splined cranks will creak and pop when there is dirt in the splines, or when a crank may need to be tightened a bit more.

Pedal sometimes make noise tho it would be pretty easy to tell if thats where the sound was coming from as they will jitter under your foot as well.

Ok, sorry I didn’t make the whole right foot thing clear. When I put pressure on my right foot and do a quick pedal that makes the popping noise in the spokes. Also I have a KH 20 so I don’t know about the cranks and stuff. I’ll check me seat to see if it is cracked or not.

Hey my unicycle has been making an odd noise lately and has just now started making it even when I lift it off the ground. I think it may be my left bearing?

KH bearing caps

Many riders tighten down their KH bearing caps all the way. It will work that way, but your bearings will last longer if you do the spin test. Count how many spins the wheel will do as you tighten them. Don’t tighten them to the point that the wheel spins less. That means you are bending the outer bearing shell, the bearings will last longer if you back it off to where the wheel spins free.

Thanks I do this. I’m Thinking this was done by one of the last riders of my uni (or at least a good bit of the damage). The wheel still spins fine do you guys think this could be some other problem perhaps?

Take the wheel out of the frame and see if it still makes the noise when just spinning the bearings, etc. Troubleshooting is about eliminating possibilities and variables to gather information :slight_smile:

John M

If only i was as smart as you.:smiley: It was kinda messed up a month ago when i took the frame off, but I didn’t think it would matter if it didn’t spin as fast as the other one. I guess not spinning fast is a sign of a bearing on its last days and that i should replace it before it breaks.

Nobody is as smart as Bill Nye.

I may just do a full cleanup and regreasing. Maybe even do a retruing!:smiley: