odd feeling giraffe

I planed on riding my 6’ through the parade(in the past now) but I took the pedals off and then put them back on. Their is no tenshion when puting the pedals in till the end. but I think my cranks are bent. :angry: I barly got it. :angry:

I learned how to freemount(its so fun) and a few days later this happens. And even climing onto my deck to get on it still feels odd to ride. I attemt to freemount but it wont let me. :angry:

whats wrong?

Your post was hard to read. Did the pedals not screw on tight enough? Is the chain still on the right-hand side?

If your cranks are bent, you should be able to see it if you look from the right angles. If there’s not enough to be able to see, it’s probably not enough bend to worry about.

How would the cranks have gotten bent?

BTW, if you are a relatively new giraffe rider, it never “lets you” mount it. You have to fool it! With more practice it gets easier to fool. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of fooling giraffes. I should make it part of my daily routine.

I cannot imagine how you could bend a crank on a giraffe, although I know it happens. If that is the case, it shouldn’t affect your riding too much.

Don’t give up, pal

thanks but it has never felt like this before my frame is like a upside down Y so I cant check right angles. I could ride it ( after I fooled it) then it (fooled me) and I cant ride any more all in the same week?

That might happen if they pedals are cross threaded, Make sure the left pedal is on the left crank and the right pedal on the right.

is it possiable to put the pedals on backwards( diffrent treads)

I’ve done it :smiley: If you put them on the wrong side they won’t go in straight and will make the crank(s) feel bent.
Check and make sure everything is on the right (or left :D) side.

I like the reaction you get when you tell you non uni friends “I’ve learned to freemount my giraffe!!”


Yes thats right I fooled my unicycle again. I figured no one knows whats wrong(probly just the unicyle tricking my mind) I would have to get used to it. I have freemounted it and even told my boss’s sister that I can do it. Good to see the reacation.

To me it sounds like you put them in backwards the first time, then put them in the stripped threads the right way.


it tricked me now I bent the frame right above the top srocket pretty baddly. Is it easy to get a good welder to make me a new seat post?

by the way, what pedals are best for a 5’ torker TX?