Odd creaking noise

Hey everyone, lately my unicycle has been creaking everytime i make a revolution. I think it might be one of the spokes, I was curious as to how to check if the spokes are right. My dad says if they are the same length out, they’re okay. How do you guys check?

just shake them a little, to see if they’re loose… it doesn’t REALLY matter that much if there’s a sound, but it’s fixable… think you need to tighen the spokes… if so, you would want someone who knows how to do it to do it because if you do it wrong it would suck…

just go around your wheel doing 1/4 turns on each spoke nipple. If there are seriously loose ones, just tighten those the the same as others, then do the 1/4 turn thing til it stops creaking, but dont overdo it, since you could end up breaking spokes.

it could also be your pedals. I know that after a while the bearings get kinda beat up and/or dirty and they creak.

This is a possibility. Pedals usually make more of a grinding noise, though. If you have a square tapered axle (cotter-less) the creaking is the classic loose crank sound.

My wellgo pedals sound more like a sqeak but you can feel the grinding, my plastic pedals(the cheap kind that come standard on torker unicycles) sound more like a grinding noise though, it depends on the pedal and spindle material I guess.

yeah i am going to go with loose cranks too.

mine did that, I got it retentioned and that seemed to do the trick. But it came back then went away a week later. Try taking the cranks off and regreasing them.

Obviously from the fish a few months back…

I KNEW IT!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Also, how do you take off a crank, and what do you ‘grease’?

With a crank puller. And please don’t redundantly say “crank arm” like UDC. They’ve been making that same mistake for about 10 years now. Wipe off the square tapers on the axle and inside the cranks. Re-grease the tapers on the axle sparingly.

Ok, so I have this same problem. If I have a KH 20 could it also be the cranks or is it just the spokes? Or both?

most likely it’s your spokes or pedals on a kh i think. don’t take my word on it though.

which crank puller would I get, what do I grease, ( in simple words ) and what grease do I use?

get THIS crank puller(useable with ISIS cranks and Square tapered cranks) and go to your LBS and pick up a thing of bicycle grease. When applying the grease I’m guessing you grease the spindle(the part the crank slides onto) but I’m not positive.

You’re not making this any easier. You haven’t even told us either what unicycle you have or if it has a square taper axle.

my pedals clicked up until the day I broke em

just get everything tight and greased and true(haha)

W D - 4 0

NO! WD-40 is BAD! it removes oil and dirt then everything seizes up and grinds around because the WD-40 removed all the grease. DO NOT use WD-40 on your bearings or anything else that needs grease it is not a lubricant…