Odd crank position videos

I was doing some maintanence on my old muni and thought I would have some fun with the crank positions.

Here’s me riding the kangaruni: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/albux03/kangaruni.wmv (1.25mb)

Here’s my brother riding with the left crank 90 degrees ‘ahead’ of the right crank: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/albux03/90degrees.wmv (1.27mb)

Riding the kangaruni was quite fun once you got the hang of it. What surprised me the most about the 90 degree offset was that the other configuration (the right crank 90 degrees ‘ahead’ of the left crank) was considerable harder to ride. Might be good practice for balancing your foot dominance.



That was cool. During your long figure-8 I was wondering about the “graceful dismount” and whether I, if I were in the saddle, would have been able to figure out the dismount in time to make it work.