Odd (but friendly) encounter

A few days ago I was riding through the back streets of North Fitzroy (an inner city suburb in Melbourne, Australia).

A couple of rednecks (we have them down here as well) drove up next to me and went through the usual litany … where’s the other wheel? etc. then, onto ‘can you do that with no hands ?’ - answer is smile and wave both hands. They then threw me by offering me a beer if I’d drink it while riding.

I’m still laughing.

Phil from Melbourne
gaudiem per insolentiam

You took them up on it didn’t you?

Nope, I’m a wimp. I don’t drink and ride (increases my already unsteady wobble too much).

I can handle a sugar rush from a coke and that’s about it when I ride.

Later on is another matter altogether (and I have the profile to prove it!)

Phil from Melbourne

Booze doesn’t seem to increase one’s ability in a balance-driven sport such as unicycling.

Go figure!

Although…any level 2 skills make you feel like a level 5 rider after a pint or two. Hmmm

‘Feeling’ like level 5 is good enough for me!

Beer affects one adversely in any sport, but uh, oddly enough, I do actually shoot pool better after a couple of beers.

And I’m actually much more attractive

That’s odd…


How can you tell?

Alcohol, when in a limited quanity, can help to relax you and help improve your skill. I’m just working on getting this limited quanity thing down…

Accord is right, after a beer or 2 your body relaxes and releases muscle tension, then gives it more movement and stability. But after a few more beers or any alchahol your brain loses the reaction time necasary to peak your skill level. But I don’t think you should drink(anyone.)

On a kind of different note:
The other day a boy('bout 10 or 11) walked up to me with a soda, shook it up as feircely as he could and asked me to ride my unicycle and open and drink the soda at the same time. I took the soda can got on my uni and carefuly opened a small part of the can letting it make a pffffffffffft sound then i rode off and drank it ever sooo merrily (to the childs dismay no soda was spilt, at all). The sprite was 10x better because i had got it for free, and from a kid that wanted to get soda on me.



Sounds somewhat more like a cure for constipation than a tonic to improve one’s unicycling.

I have never known alcohol to improve my response times or reflexes (OK, OK! Yeah, the gag reflex was enhanced, but it didn’t help my balance.)…

I suspect that alcohol does enhance one’s ability to bullshit oneself into thinkin’ one is doin’ real good…



Re: Odd (but friendly) encounter

gluteous maximus wrote:
> I have never known alcohol to improve my response times or reflexes

Me neither, but I know that Richard Loxley only ever tries to juggle 5 balls
after a couple of drinks, because that’s when he finds he’s relaxed enough
to get somewhere with it.

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Re: Re: Odd (but friendly) encounter

I’m just the same. I’d never try to juggle five balls when I was sober.

I’ve also noticed how drivers gain the confidence and relaxation to perform faster and more complex overtaking manoeuvres after a couple of drinks. :roll_eyes: