Odd attractive bicycle

Only very slightly more information.

I wonder if that’s built with unicycle components?

Frankly, it looks uncomfortable, with a non-adjustable seat positioned far too low. I also wonder about the handling with such a short wheelbase.

But it seems like you could do some fun stuff with it if you could work out the saddle height issue.

I see it’s got the Acme “Kill your crotch” seat.

ouch… nuf sed

Did the designer not get the memo? The fixie craze is over. Hell, even unicyclists want more speeds. :slight_smile:

I kinda like it

I can’t really tell the wheel size, in my eye I am seeing it as a trick bike with 2 36 " tires. The flat seat might allow spin arounds (to change your facing). I bet a good 36 rider could wheelie that thing forever. Maybe put cranks on the front wheel as well ?

Clearly it is another design project. If the designer claims to be cycling experts, they have no credibility. Just another pretty bike that’s not practical. Unless you’re really, really short and aren’t in a hurry. Even with a Schlumpf hub on there.

they’re 29" wheels, maybe 26". (There is no suspension fork for 36" wheels :D)

The biggest problem is that the pedals rotate BEHIND the saddle. Everything else looks like it could be modified for a normal market, but that would be terribly uncomfortable to pedal behind you while riding. . . . .

the seat being one of those “need to modify” things

unless you’ve got that bike out there where you lay down on your stomach like superman :slight_smile:

Unicycle.uk.com used to sell a “circus bike” which was the same basic idea, but with a unicycle saddle, no suspension, and 20" wheels.I think the rear end was detachable and could be ridden as a unicycle. Also, the connecting top tube had bearings at both ends so that you could steer with either the front wheel or the rear, or even ride with the top tube diagonal and the wheels on parallel tracks. It was fun to ride for a while, but more for show than riding pleasure.

I’ve got one of those bikes. I got it at a garage sale a few years ago. The guy I bought it from called it a “psychobike” or “cychobike”. Pick your spelling. It is kind of fun, but entirely impractical. I’ve always thought of unicycles as being a really practical way of getting around town and carrying loads and doing what needs to be done. But the cychobike is useless except for doing tricks and keeping the neurons plastic. It is very dangerous on hills and absolutely can’t go fast. It can be ridden like a unicycle that has a very large appendage out front. I’ve got a video of me riding it, but I can’t seem to upload it. I’ll keep trying.


From what I found when I spotted this a few days ago, it told me it used 29" wheels and part of the rear axle was from a unicycle hub, but it’s not a fixie.

I would like to have that bike only because I could ride it like a unicycle and do wheelies all the time:p Apart from that, it looks really uncomfy and useless…