October Riding

Here is my newest video, most of which was filmed in October (hence the title).
It shows some advancements in both street and trials. Hope you enjoy.

Please comment:)


That was nice. You are clearly improving nicely.

Good job.

The natural trials bits were my favorite, especially the bit with the huge rock garden (field of rocks?). You should really wear a helmet if you’re over there at least…

Didn’t really think the flips rewinded and forwarded 4 times each was really necessary all in the start. Some clips were over played as well, and it was a bit long.

Either way, it was an enjoyable vid, I’d give it about a 4 out of 5.

edit: I forgot, how long have you been riding by the way?

I’ve only seriously been riding for about 1 year.

nice Video!

So many hops in between lines though

any more advice

You’ve got nice stand stills, use that instead of little prehops. Use large hops across your obstacles, not 50 small ones. It looks alot better, once you cut those out trials looks so much better.

Nice video. You’ve got a nice tuck, if you learn to prehop you could easily be getting 33+ inches with a bit of practice. Don’t worry to much about that though. Keep working on skinnies, stand stills and technical moves. I can see you becoming a really awesome trials rider.

I have a question.

In the video, I got 66cm. static, but it was from wood. If you recall an earlier thread of mine, I mentioned that jumping from wood is easier than from concrete. Thus saying, I cannot get 66cm. on concrete.

On concrete, I managed to hit 63cm. and can (with practice) usually hit 61cm.

Is that good in your guy’s eyes?

Questionably, I was entertained for 7 minutes. Good movie. Good skills…

Great video you did awesome

any tips on increasing my static hop?

I liked the stand still and the natural trials. Where do you live? They don’t have moose in Tanzania…
You should probably get some 661’s if you don’t already. One of your bails looked like you scraped your leg pretty bad.

i liked the vid all the way… but the high jump from the same old place we’ve seen all the time was pretty boring! try to change the camera angle there or something! and use protection! i’ve also only been riding for 1 year! got my kris holm october 1 year ago… wanna have a video competition some time? :smiley:

you have the coolest trampoline ever

sigve, that’d be awesome, I’m gonna make a november video. If I remember, I’ll make it a callout to you.

okay man i will try make a video but im waiting because a good friend of mine is playing a CD with his band and i promised to use his song in my next video… they are finished recoring today so i guess i will be ready pretty soon… if there is anything lets take it on private messages so i dont ruin your video thread sorry :o

you used my song!!! :angry: (jack johnson)
oh well nice video. haha

Your hops are good. Around 25inches right? That’s pretty damn good static.

Focus more on technical stuff like a 25in jump up to something 2inches wide or so, then keep getting skinnier as you progress. Keep at the stand stills. Maybe start to develop a prehop if your wanting more height. It’ll feel weird at first. I quit prehops for a while until recently, play around with how far you start away from the object and stuff like that so you can dial it in perfect. When you start doing really hard prehop your going to want your pressure pretty damn high. Pump it up more than you think you’ll need. The harder the tire the more rebound your going to get, to a certain point.

nice video but the song isnt by queen its by David Bowie