October 30th,2007 Video


Today I made this vid, will probably be the second last vid this year.

Youtube - LQ

Gallery - HQ

Comments are appreciated.


dang dude i really liked your stillstands.

Thanks, more comments are welcome :slight_smile:

nice, that was really good. Good job on that super long stand still. I can only do them for like 5 maybe 7 or 8 seconds if im lucky.

great job on the palette… very skinny. It would be nice to see all of you… especially in the last still stand, we only see the wheel.

Re jumping over bike
that gets me to thinking that you could jump over all sorts of other stuff ie skateboards, tricycles, small cars…

Cute ball wipe… what software are you using?

One of your best!

DIdn’t look too close to me, but It does seem like the focus was screwed up sumhow.

Where’d you get the trials bike from and how much? I really want one. I watched the vid where you’re doing the bike trials, well done.

Also, good unicycling.

Thanks for the comments everyone…

I got it this spring/summer and tried but found it so hard so it just layes in my shed…It would be fun…but yeah.

More comments are welcome


Yeah umm I use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 :slight_smile:

your best so far and really nice still stands.

the editing was nice and the still stands just made me gawk and stare. Nice video.

that was really nice. im jealous of your sif and standstills. great job.

Nice vid Isaac Beauty stand stills!!!


Although it’s probably mostly technique and practice, I think a rider your size would do better w/ a shorter handlebar stem on the bike.

You’re getting really good Isaac, I enjoyed that. I really like your trials style, I just think it looks cool. And the stillstands were amazing too but yea it would be cool to see your whole body (or at least just for the first one)

Keep it up!

That a really cool video