Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk

My wife and I took off yesterday to spend the day on the boardwalk. Beautiful weather, most of the shops were open, and quite a few folks walking around. After walking and shopping, we decided to ride. She took my Mountain b*ike and I rode my KH24. We went up and down a few times, so I guess we managed to get about 6 miles in.

Just wanted to share a few photos with you all.

The beach riding was the hardest. The tide was up really high, so the sand was not as well-packed as usual, and up by the dunes was really soft.



nice pics

and im going there Friday

the last pic is my fave

Nice pics!

Where are all the people? lol

I’m going to do some riding on the boardwalk this summer hopefully.

Hey man the pics are nice. I can’t wait to learn to ride mine and take it down to the boards. I live over near Philly in NJ.

Where in NJ? I’m in Mount Holly.

Hey ahollow I’m in Cinamminson by the Tac-Pal bridge. When i learn to ride we’ll have to meet up and ride. I have a Torker LX 24" coming on Thursday.