OC Unicycle events!!!

This is our busy season!! We have a few events coming up to put in your
calendar. This coming weekend is California Muni Weekend so enjoy! Then on Sunday, October 26th we are having our Halloween
unicycle bon fire. Bring unicycle friendly costumes! Best one will win a
prize! We will have a pot luck dinner, unicycle games, and a fun night at
the beach down at our usual spot off of Beach Rd. and PCH in Capo Beach.

Than on November 22nd is our charity ride! It should be a blast and we
will go and get sponsored by local businesses and raise some money for OC
foster kids. Lastly on December 13th in the morning we are going to be in
the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade. The celebrity this year is Beaver from
leave it to Beaver. It should be a blast.

Please give me any feedback on activities you would like to see us
participate in. Let me know your favorite ride or a ride you would like to
see us try. I am open to any new ideas!

Lastly we will be starting unicycle basketball and want to know what day
and time works best for anyone interested. Give me a few times and we will
try to make it work for everyone! Keep wheelin and see you soon!!

Adam Brody
Orange County Unicyclists

Awesome list of events! I’m looking forward to every one!

I can’t wait for the charity ride. I want to see how many laps i can do while raising money for a charity.

The bon fire is this Sunday at 6:00PM!!! We will have lots of uni games, basketball and more! It should be a blast. Let me know any activites you want to se happen and I will add them to the schedule. Below are the directions. Come hungry and bring some food for the pot luck!!!

Take I-5
4: Merge onto CA-1 via EXIT 79 toward PACIFIC COAST HWY. 0.5 miles Map

BEACH. 0.2 miles Map

6: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. <0.1 miles Map

7: Turn LEFT onto DOHENY PARK RD. 0.1 miles Map

8: DOHENY PARK RD becomes PACIFIC COAST HWY. 0.8 miles Map

9: Turn RIGHT onto BEACH RD. 1.3 miles Map

Maybe some of the people planning to come (inlcuding me) will want to get together a few hours earlier for a 36er ride in the same area? Maybe the Huntington Beach ride we all did a few weeks ago? I plan to get out there early for that, and a MUni ride at Whiting ranch before that! So if anybody’s down for either or both, let me know!:slight_smile:

i would like to see a few small trials obstacles. i don’t know who would build them though. i may make a high jump bar

Definitely! Good idea… and other obstacles like maybe pallets and cinder blocks? I have those I could bring!:slight_smile:

i have a couple of pallets but they are way to beat up to really move anywhere. They might fall apart

Cool! Makes it more fun!:smiley:

Yea bring anything you want. I will be at the beach by early afternoon to claim a pit so you guys can come set up earlier if you want. Make sure if you ride before you still have energy for uni basketball!!!

The weather is looking great for this bon fire! Again, let me know anything you want me to add event wise!

The location for the bonfire is pretty far for some people. Could we have a different one at huntington a week from today?

Hey, didn’t see this in time but next time shoot me an email and maybe I could pick you up and drop you off. I was actually right in downtown Anaheim all day street performing at the Fall Festival and went right from there to the bonfire…although my car was pretty full with all my gear, girlfriend, etc…

Ah, it’s not a problem. I needed to spend some time with my dad. Remember when I told you he’s been working almost non-stop for 90 days? Well, he took another day off so it was good that I stayed home.

This is going to be the forum I use for OC events rather then starting a new event. The charity ride is on the 22nd and I hope we can get riders from all over. We are doing laps around a middle school track for charity. Our charity will be the Orangewood Children’s Foundation which helps out foster kids. We will do as many laps as we can in 1 hour. It should be a ton of fun. If you are interested send me an e-mail to abrody@uci.edu and I will send you the paper work to get sponsored.

The charity ride is November 22nd to be more precise. I want to get more riders to come if they are free!!!

I’ll be there with the collection of unibikes, DEC 13 Parade.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the invite. (by email)

What time and place do we meet?

Holiday Parade

Hi again,

This Saturday, December 13th is the holiday parade! We will meet at the gas station on the corner of Crown Valley and Golden Lantern in Laguna Niguel at 9:15 for the parade. Pick up will be at the Shell station on Crown Valley and Niguel after the parade. We will stay there until everyone is picked up unless I hear otherwise. It should be a blast. Get out your holiday clothes and a wheel!

Adam Brody
OC Unicyclists

I’ll be there and I’ll bring some of my friends to. Hope to see a lot of people there

This Saturday at 2:30PM we will ride at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. We will
start at the YMCA off of Crown Valley and ride through the park. To get
there from the 5 freeway take crown Valley Parkway towards the ocean to
Community Park, make a right and take that to the end and park. We will
meet by the YMCA. It should be a lot of fun!