OC unicycle club bon fire

This Sunday night the Unicycle club of Orange County is having a bon fire, obstacle course, and uni basketball game. If you are free at 6:30 on Sunday night and live in Southern California come and join us! We will meet at the beach at PCH and Beach Road. Come celebrate a great summer of unicycling with us!!!

just wondering, souldnt you celebrate a great summer of unicycling, after that summer has taken place? :wink:

Im injured so I cant come :frowning:

There, I fixed it. Miles you could still just come to watch me get hurt on the obstacle course, hehe!:smiley:

That shouldnt stop you from going, you would probably still have fun.


Oh Man!! Flight leaves at 7:30 Sunday from OC airport, to fly back to Seattle! 3rd time now have been in OC and had to fly out when you guys have something going. Need to move your stuff to Saturdays! :slight_smile:

let me know when your in the area and I will have a saturday ride!

Hey Adam, 6:30pm seems like a late start for the day, so are you doing a ride before? Also, will the obstacle course be made for doing trials, or a non-uni course? And since it’s at the beach, will it be made on the sand? if so, that might make a uni obstacle course a bit tough.

thanks, will take you up on it!

Like oh em gee, Adam Brody!!
My sister is like totally in love with you!

Terry come early and you can help me build the obstacle course. We need to be creative. Let me know what you think we can do. I will be there by 5:30. See ya tommorow.