OC uni ride

Hi all. The Orange County Unicycle club is having a ride this Sunday at 2:30 at Dana Point Harbor. If you are not riding in LA come join us. We will meet at Beach Cities Pizza at 2:30 and play around at the harbor until around 5. It should be a blast

cool. I’ll try to make it.

Hey Adam. I would come but already have plans to ride sunday (11.12.06) at G-spot/Devil’s slide for the LA Muni Weekend! NEXT weekend let’s do a MUni ride at Rockit trail with all the OC group! Let me know.:smiley:

I’m coming, Adam. How many seats are there available? (How many friends can I comfortably bring?) I understand if there aren’t any…

Looking forward to it!!

I have 3 open seats in my car but we will have to have unicycle on our laps!! I wish I had a bigger trunk. Imagine if I had to being the coker!!!

cool! I’ll talk to Spencer Hochberg, he’s down here right now with his sister, I’ll see if they want to go.

does his sister ride?

Also, Is Chuck going to make it? If he needs a ride I might be able to work it out.

I’ll give you a count by the end of the day…I need to finalize plans.

and yes, she does ride…when there are poles to mount with :smiley:

I’m out.

Me & Perry are in if we can get there by 2:30, since we’ll be coming from simi valley and devils slide! WHat a day of driving! :astonished:

I’m still out…

Uh…just me and chuck.

Terry… you are the man to attempt so much in one day! I hope you make it.Even if you are late call me and I will tell you how to reach us and Mornish you should ride with us some time.

Off topic, but:

isn’t Adam Brody the guy that plays Seth Cohen in ‘The OC’ drama series? :stuck_out_tongue: Made me chuckle a little bit, as it is an ‘OC’ ride as well… :roll_eyes:

I call him the real Adam Brody from the OC. LOL:D i wish i could ride the kids suck though.:smiley: