OC Muni ride Saturday AM

For anyone interested I am riding Santiago Oaks this Saturday from the Mabury Avenue trail head at 8:00. Up 2B’s - Down Grasshopper - Up 3B’s - Down Waterfall (about 8 miles 1,200 ft). http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Orange&state=CA&address=[6100-6599]+E+Mabury+Ave&zipcode=92867&country=US&latitude=33.8184&longitude=-117.78575&geocode=STREET

What tyoe of trail is it? How long, out & back, loop, etc, is it very technical, or mostly smooth single track, or XC-ish? Is there tree cover, aka, shade? What’s the elevation gain. As much detail as you can furnish about this trail would be great. Thanks.

Most of the trail is listed on geoladders.com under Waterfall Santiago Oaks. I will be starting from an alternate trail head on Mabury Ave however.

Approx 8 miles total - 1.5 mile in and out on fire road/double and single track with cover, mostly cross country - two steep fire road up and single track down loops totaling about 5 miles all exposed with 1,000 to 1,200 ft gain.

The climbs are difficult with some hiking (at least for me) and depending on your choices the single tracks can be challenging one being dd and the other sd. There are also some play areas (rock sections, railroad tie steps, etc).

Damn. I am going camping this weekend. Wish I could go.

I’m a 10 minute drive from there. If my parents can’t take me, I might consider riding there.

So is anyone else going?


I just got back from this ride and I was surprised that there was only one other person when I got there and it was Mark, not mtnjeffe. mtnjeffe, did you not go to your own ride? We waited a little while but after nobody showed up the two of us decided to head out and ride the trail. The trail system in Santiago is pretty confusing with lots of small trails criss-crossing everywhere. We didn’t have a set plan for what trail we were taking, so Mark and I just decided where to go as we rode.

It was a fun ride with lots more ups and downs than I was expecting. We both walked most of the ups, but the downhill riding made it worth the walk.

The first mile of the trail was pretty well shaded with lots of trees and a small stream that we crossed a few times. The 2nd part of the loop was almost all exposed and dry but we were able to take advantage of a few shaded picnic tables along the trail. The weather wasn’t hot enough to make the ride miserable, and I would be willing to ride the trail again with other unicyclists.

The whole time we rode we searched for other signs of unicyclists who may have arrived late but by the end we had come to the conclusion that we were the only ones there. Unicycle tracks are very distinct and I’m sure we would have seen them if there were any other one-wheelers in the area.

I even got to ride Marks very cool suspension unicycle made from a bike frame. It’s a truly remarkable piece of engineering that can smooth out the little bumps in the trail with ease. Thanks for letting me give it a try, Mark!

The only bad part of this trail is all the walking uphill, but I’m still impressed by the downhills and I’m very happy I went, and very thankful that Mark showed up. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to ride alone.

Thanks for setting up this ride, mtnjeffe. I’m curious as to why you weren’t at your own ride :thinking:

+1 Crazyjoe

Yeah mtnjeffe GREAT ride for a Saturday morning, Better if you could have been there to show us (crazzyjoe) around. Hope it was just the disinterest and nothing very serious that kept you away. Joe Thanks for a great morning ride, hope to do it again.


My apologies to Mark and Joe. I didn’t have access to the website after about 12:00 on Friday and from the limited response at that time I thought I would be riding by myself and chose a ride closer to the beach, hoping to beat the heat.

I am glad that you two found each other and enjoyed the ride. While it is a little confusing it sounds like you hit the better trails. If you ever would like ride Santiago again or if there are other rides that you do that I might tag along on be sure to post or pm me.

Onces again, sorry to have left you two stranded, I will be more thorough in my planning and include my cell number next time.


I was confused, too! We didn’t stay on any one trail for very long. We were always turning off onto other trails that looked good and eventually we found our way back. It was really fun with another unicyclist, but I think doing it alone wouldn’t be very good. It isn’t the ride that would be boring because the riding was great, it was the long walks uphill that were bad.