Observations of a beginner

Today the UPS truck showed up with my 20" Torker!!!
I’ve been riding for 11 days on a 24" Summitt and now have something to compare.
From a beginners point of view, I would say the 20" is a less intimidating to learn on. I realized this immediately, the first time I did an unexpected dismount. I found myself stepping from the saddle instead of feeling as though I was being launched as with the 24"
The 1" shorter cranks did not take much getting used to, although I can surely see a difference in speed. The fear of falling during a dismount is almost non-existent.
As for the Torker Unistar itself, here’s my pro and cons after my first ride:
The quick release on the seatpost must be tightened with extreme force to keep the seat form twisting.
I not real familiar with the main caps as far as what to expect, but these look a little underbuilt (this may be normal as they really support no weight)
Has a light feel to it (shipping weight was 13 lbs.)
42 spoke alloy wheelset looks like it will stand up to quite a bit of abuse
Saddle is very comfortable, like the grab handle on the front and scuff-pad on the rear.
I like the idea of a Cro-moly fork
I seem to ride it easier than the 24" (tonight I pulled off rides of 30’ consistently) (had to stop there, as I was riding in the driveway in back of the house and it’s only 30’ long)
Overall, I think it is an excellent uni to learn on
Soon it will be time to start searching for my 24" Muni