Obscured by Clouds

All the way driving up we were in a deep fog. Quarter mile up the trail we punched out. The view beolw was satisfactory.




That looks incredible. I wanna do that!

What size uni is that?

Cool! Reminds me of this group ride down Mt. Diablo in 2004.

beautiful photo’s. I have the same question as squeaky onion, what size wheel? 26?? 29???

Looks like 26" to me.

29er with a prototype DH tire that doesn’t work.


what doesnt work about it

Looks like you guys were the smart ones and got high, out of the fog.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071103/ap_on_re_us/freeway_pileup :astonished:

We had the same fog at our morning muni ride, Jon…Eyal took some pricy pix on the most life-threatening trail in San Diego. How come you don’t like the tire?


luckily we were also mostly above it.

then it got hot and all the fog went away.

I thought this might be a post about Floyd for a moment then. :frowning: Great shots, I love being above the clouds!

Tell us about that ride, jake!


Nice shots. I’ve seen that many times in the Angeles National Forest, owing to my old schedule of riding in the morning before work…The sunrise above a sea of clouds by itself almost makes it worth getting up that early. The riding seals the deal.

15 million people under those clouds. And I didn’t see a single soul that morning.

Well Jon, pictures would sum up the ride way better than words. The ride involved bush-whacking past no trespassing signs, onto a dirt road that leads to a trail that some downhiller’s put some serious work into. The top of the trail offers a good variety of steep and extremely fast rocky sections, smooth winding zigs, and jumps of different sizes. The bottom of the trail shoots straight down and consists of a sequence of all or nothing, 7-12 ft. boulder drops, with little to no space in between to slow down. Ladders go up and down the rocks like a fricken rollercoaster. I just stared at all of this stuff as usual. The high-light was Miles spotting his landing down an 8 ft. drop that lead immediately to what I shall call the “dial 911” rock. He got spooked by a bee and after swatting it frantically and running away, he came back and nailed the drop with a perfect landing. All in all it was a good ride, though I must admit I was pretty lazy. I’ll post pictures if I get em from Eyal.

Photos of this would be so cool

Sweet pics!

BleedforTrials -It would’ve been cool to be there (w/ my skills, I’d just be a spectator though :()

+1 and what tire is it?