Obligatory Moab praise thread

As people get back from Moab, they are going to want to say how excellent of an experience it was. So I figured I’d start.
Moab was excellent this year. Even with double the number from last year, Rolf and crew managed to pull it off without a noticable hitch. It was an amazing time to get to know people. I felt like I was rubbing shoulders with all the greats, and getting to know many from the forum. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and as far as I know, we didn’t have as many casualties this year. Three cheers for the largest MUni event in recorded history!
(Now it’s your turn to say nice things)

I was happy to see so many people that cared about unicycling, it was awesome just for that. I can’t wait to go back, but I realize there are a lot of things I need to work on for next year ;). There were some VERY good people, and I couldn’t believe how good everyone was in general… I’m still hobbling from slickrock, hahaha.

Moab was great.

A great big THANK YOU to Rolf and all the others who helped.

I had a great time. In fact it was so much fun I’m going back in two weeks.

The only complaint I had was that I left my camera in the car and didn’t get any pictures.

The riding made me realize how bad I really am compared to so many others. But it’s really great to see so many good riders.


P.S. Paco, where are all your pictures?

It sucks I had to miss it due to the cost of moving to a new apartment soon. I thought last year was big, but it sounds like this year it was even bigger. I hope that means next year if I get to go, it will be even more big.

At least I got some coker time in during the weekend.

On behalf of all the people who really wanted to be there but couldn’t afford it, I’d just like to say please show us some pictures!

I’ll go to a Moab Munifest some day.


I loved it!!!

I got to ride with everyone I could imagine, and I was happy to meet so many new people. I even got to borrow Dan Heaton’s titanium muni!

Friday afternoon was fun, except I pinch flatted my trials uni on the fifth hop of the day. But, it turned out well, as I did some trials I didn’t think I could do on my muni.

I found slickrock to be a bit of a disappointment, because I rode it with the seat too high, so I couldn’t do a lot of stuff I wanted to (not to mention I was already half thrashed from trials that morning). Also, Dan’s pedals had no pins left. Still, it was great, and I’m looking forward to it in the near future.

The Amassaback (spelling?) trail was by far my favorite. I rode everything I wanted to, and even got to do a bit of trials with Zack and Ryan (they were much better than me). I also got to see Kris Holm do some crazy trials lines like they were nothing, and almost lost Dan’s unicycle into a river with him standing 10’ behind me. I also liked trying Jacob’s ladder with Ben Plotkin-Swing, Merrill, and Rolf Tompson. I had hoped more would try it, but alas, it was for naught. I felt sorry for Ryan, he got two flats within 30 minutes of each other, and the patch on the second flat didn’t hold. That sucked big time (irony, too, because he won a 24"DH tube the night before). I had fun seing Kris blow by stuff that was stopping me dead, and learned a lot just from talking with him and watching his technique.

The award dinner was cool, although i didn’t think much of the food. I think I was supposed to win the baby steps second place expert award, but they never announced it. I got to 8, Ben Plotkin-Swing got to 11. Also, I was very happy doing leap frog, which I got a low of 23 on. I nearly got a 19, but I biffed the last hop:( . Kris Holm got a 13 on it, while Crazy Carl got an 18. I was really disappointed that I missed cliffs of insanity, as I wanted to try it. Too bad. Props to Kris for creating a GREAT trials course, which I had lots of fun on. I barely couldn’t do the big gap, so I only got a 19. Later, I unofficially tried the last section, and finished half of it. That was crazy fun.

It was nice to meet all the fellow unicyclists, and ride with them. I refuse to name names, because I’ll definitely miss some, and that wouldn’t be nice.

See ya next year:) .

I’ll drop your name Gerblefranklin, since I found out who you were. I think that was the highlight of this trip for me; putting names to faces. Excellent description. Slickrock was hard for me because I started half an hour after the main group and had to play catch-up for the first three miles or so. When I finally caught up to the group, they were finishing up a nice long rest and I had to get going again.
And MGrant, I was trying to put the pictures on earlier but it wasn’t working. I’m going to try again right now. I got a great one of you on the railroad beam. It looks like you’re really good!
It might take me a while to finish uploading all the pictures since there are 130 of them…

Yes - Paco started the Slickrock Trail late with the “Geezer Group” of which I was a member of. I watched him fade into the distance and disappear right away.

I can’t describe how much fun I had at Moab. I took some pictures and posted them here . I’ve even added some captions to some of them.


I had a really great time riding with everyone. I was inspired by many great riders to learn a few new skills which I hope to demonstrate for you all next year. :slight_smile:

My girlfriend Kathy enjoyed meeting and watching everyone. She was the “Leap of Faith” judge, long red curly hair and the black baseball hat that said “GUILTY” on the front and “Like Your’re Not!” on the back. Next year she plans to be a uni-rider.

Thank you Rolf for organizing a wonderful event. Thank you all for making it so fun.

Ed Hansen

any uni-gathering that has that result had to be a good one:)

And I got to nine. Power to the over-40’s! I was wondering who got the third place.

Next year there will probably be fewer or games, or possibly none, as the base location will be in a different campground. I’ll try to practice more if we do them. I know I can do better at gliding and a few other things…

Thanks to Rolf, the Thompsons, and all the volunteers and organizers who made this weekend so amazing. It just keeps getting better! I will write more soon, after I get caught up on my work, and be posting pictures pretty soon too…

Dan Heaton took third in baby steps. I unofficially got to nine. I had gotten to 8, and still had 2 tries left. I left, did other riding, and then got to 9 twice (not in a row) when I got back. I didn’t feel like changing my score. That little ridge at nine was a killer!