obie movies


i guess not

Stop asking for movies and take it upon yourself to go find them. It’s not hard at all.

there are lots of movies in the gallery

also i just posted some clips

(hehe thread jacking suckas!!!)

those movies are pretty sweet ( john roling hop over little walland drop onto grass)


I can’t believe this kid. I just got in and I see he was taking that shit seriously. Thanks, Nick, Joe, Trip and Eric (?) for straightening him out.

Drew I never said I was awesome in that “quote.” I was just jokingly flaming Sab. So you show me where I said I am awesome and I’ll show you a movie.

There’s a search button in the upper right corner. Click that and type in video or movie. You’ll get some movies. Also in the upper right corner 4th link from the end there’s the gallery click that and you’ll find some movies. It has a search function too. Just look around for a while.


maybe this will put an end to it (god i hope):


ryan’s stuff

sabin’s stuff

bevan’s stuff

HOW’s stuff
(sorry, i cant help but promote the gang)

edit: dont know how i forgot Jess’s stuff


unifreak’s stuff

of course there’s much more but these were in my favorite’s list and didnt want to go searching all over the place…

yes thank you, this will also be a recorceful thread for videos. good work, and i thank you for putting an end to this pointless thread

i agree