obie movies

obie lets see some of your movies since you say your so good

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I don’t recall saying that.

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I do! But only in jest…

I think this is just another exuse for our non uni’ing friend here to see more videos… Seing as he has made 3 threads just asking to see movies and videos.

I have to confess. I joined these fora on a lark. I can’t really unicycle. I just know all about it from books and paying really really close attention to JC’s posts. I’m sorry I decieved you. Oh and that was my twin brother, TheObieTwo, at motorama, LBI Unithon, and ECMW. :roll_eyes:

Anyways I have like a measely 18 minutes of raw footage that I haven’t even looked at yet. I’ll make something out of it for this loser. It’ll mostly be me burping and scratching my ass though.

Edit: We should kick his ass…SWAT style. Potter and Catboy can help.

Um…what is this guy talking about.


Worst movie ever nobody should even consider watching it.

Edit: TheObieOne3226 (9:09:16 PM): i replied
uni trials rider (9:09:20 PM): dude!
uni trials rider (9:09:32 PM): after all i have done for you!:stuck_out_tongue:
TheObieOne3226 (9:09:37 PM): lol
uni trials rider (9:09:38 PM): and this is how you repay me!@
uni trials rider (9:09:43 PM): take it back
TheObieOne3226 (9:09:56 PM): ok
TheObieOne3226 (9:10:01 PM): might after i watch it
uni trials rider (9:10:10 PM): hjaha
uni trials rider (9:10:11 PM): okay
TheObieOne3226 (9:11:01 PM): ouch
TheObieOne3226 (9:12:43 PM): good music tho
TheObieOne3226 (9:13:30 PM): dude that must have hurt so bad
TheObieOne3226 (9:13:36 PM): you got impaled by your crotch
TheObieOne3226 (9:13:39 PM): *on
uni trials rider (9:13:54 PM): yeah
uni trials rider (9:16:04 PM): dude take that reply back
TheObieOne3226 (9:16:13 PM): lol
uni trials rider (9:16:17 PM): its not good for the thread


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Meh whatever.

I thought that was a joke?

He may be ale to do reasearch but this Drew guy cant even search for movies… He is Teh Lamz0rs. Oh and If I am doing any walloping of this fool It would have to be Militia style. Gotta Represent my peeps yo. Muni Militia 4 Life!

One Wheel Death Squad…

Yeah drewation, I’m pretty sure that was a joke. Obie’s just one of those guys. (compliment intended) I could be wrong, but thats what i get from the forums.


Yea…he is “one of those guys” that likes to joke around with people. Appearently you took it seriously.

i didnt really care whatever its all about the unicycling and you shouldnt say there movies suck whatever

It was a Joke! Dude he was joking around with one of his friends. I doubt you can do anywhere near as good of riding as he, so untill I see you make a video with you doing some good riding, shut up…

Oh and I don’t wanna hear any, be nice to him crap either…





i dont care i admit i want to see asome movies

Ask nicely, and maybe I will show you some.

please can i see some asome movies