Oakland, CA: Nimbus Oracle 26" and Nimbus Equinox Street/Trials and Tires

So I’m strap for cash this week, the only reason I’m selling them, I’ll probably end up buying them again when things get settled down.

Any questions ask or things dealing with the pricing, PM me. I prefer pickup, I might ship but that’s my last resort. I live near Downtown Oakland. I’ve sold stuff before, pretty straight forward person, easy to deal with I’ve been told.

All of these items are kept inside my house so they’re very clean, away from all the elements. I do casual riding mostly as I’m a scaredy cat so just some minor hops but that’s it.

Additional Tires near the bottom of post.

Nimbus Oracle

  • 26x2.30 Maxxis Holy Rollers
  • Inseam is adjusted at 31" but can go up about 3-4 more inches.
  • KH Fusion Freeride for the cushion (Upgrade)
  • KH Spirit Crank 127/150mm (Upgrade)
  • Odyssey Twisted pedals (addition)
  • Has the original pedals too, just switched for the hell of it. Comes along with this.

I want $550 but will take close to asking price best offer.

Almost looks new, but of course there are signs of use, mainly on the edge of pedals and seat where it falls, but not very much. I am very good at catching the unicycle.

Nimbus Equinox Street/Trials

  • Twisted pedals as with the oracle.
  • Monty Eagle Claw (came with cyko lite but switched out) In very good condition and a rarer tire.

In pretty darn good condition too, almost like new.

I want $400 or best offer.


I would prefer to sell the tires along with the unicycle, so whoever buys the unicycle and wants these tires get first dibs.

  • Trials Try ALL Sticky, black version. BRAND NEW. Price for offer.

  • Hookworm 2.5" for the 26" unicycle… Excellent condition. Price for Offer.

  • Cyko Lite trials tire. $35

If you want pictures, ask. But I think if you’re close by, you should drop by and check it out in person but would like to deal with pricing over the internet, basically agree on stuff, you come, it’s to your liking, no standing around bargaining and so forth. It’s just stressful and I’m not fond of it.

Can I see some pictures of the equinox?

Yeah, sorry, got home from a long day at work and I’ve been busy. Almost forgot I posted here.

Yeah, I’ll take you a picture tomorrow, but it looks pretty new.

No worries :slight_smile:
Which hub is it? The Ti or the standard Nimbus hub?

Just the isis hub for the street/trials equinox.

Take note that the pedals are the extra. The original pedals are still almost new condition, which will come with it. The part of the pedal that actually matters on the twisted are still in great shape. The white stuff are some minor stickers that I haven’t cleaned all off yet since I’m running out of time.

Came with the 150 seat post size and you can push it all the way down to its shortest position.

Tire still has tons of tread left.

Seat looks great, no real scratches to take much note of.

Been busy all morning and I have to go so if you want more picture, maybe when I come back around 10 tonight.

Bump Price Reduction

$500 for oracle

$375 for equinox

And for the tires, discounts will be considered if you get it along with unicycle.

Can you post pics of the Oracle?

Well, it looks very much like a new oracle except most cosmetic damage to the handle and back bumper, which is easily and cheaply replaced.

The paint is still intact and in great condition. This unicycle was made for some pretty rough riding (being a mountain unicycle and all), yet the most was around the block and down the curb.

Cranks and everything should be in excellent condition.