unifoss <unifoss@cerf.net> writes:
> Sure, there are many others. These are just a few. But why waste your time?
> Why am I wasting MY time? I’m still new at this, so I’ll use that as my
> excuse. The rest of you, get out there and ride!

I cycled to work every day last week (first time!) - I don’t think I’m going
to do it as a full time thing though, I find that I didn’t want to go out and
play in the evening… and riding along is all very well, but when you’ve
somewhere to go, there is no incentive or time to learn anything new…

anyway, I’m still thinking about a story or whatever (feeling guilty, but hey

  • I wrote a pome before ;-), my unicycling career has been pretty dull really
  • I bought my 24" in London one year with some christmas money and learnt to
    get on and off with a brick against the wheel - then I went up and down the
    hall for a bit but there was nowhere really I could go out and practice -
    Later I moved to Bath and the flat was so small the unicycle was pushed to the
    back of the cupboard and forgotten behind junk for a couple of years… I’ve
    since moved again, but the wheel was flat etc… This summer though, I thought
    why not… I live near some industrial estate type places (warehouse park), and
    went out one evening - its surprising how quickly I picked it up, half an hour
    and I was mounting (against a kerb) and riding 10 metres and dismounting (hit
    the opposite kerb :wink:

just a matter of practice to get the rest of what I can now do, I’m still
learning to idle and/or ride backwards…