........ O--( "UNI MAIL" stickers.

Hi Sarah …

Those stickers are real cool … cuz I designed 'em and had 'em made up.
They’re for people who still use “Snail Mail.” And Yes, I can send you some in
support of your up-coming meet, provided you describe the meet, the events, the
prizes given, and the winners on the N.G. I’m sure we’d all like to hear about
if not attend your meet! Besides, now that people know that those “UNI MAIL”
stickers will be awarded as prizes, won’t EVERYONE want to attend?

As for original stickers, patches, T-Shirt, gift / prize ideas, Roger Davies or
John Foss could certainly lend some useful experience to your quest …

See on the trail… )–/======O


>Hello Steve I read your posting about prizes in the keyboard art comp with
>interest, I am organising the British Muni Weekend (BMW) and am on the look out
>for small prizes and awards for the BMW. Who should I be contacting to ask if
>they would donate some Unicycling Society of Hong Kong stickers/ pins or
>patches? As yet the BMW doesn’t have any thing to offer in return except a
>mention on our web page www.vimes.u-net.com/bmw.html if we get enough interest
>there will be a t-shirt or prehaps key fobs but so far the event is only small
>and being done on a zero budget.
>Yours Sarah
>In article <> you wrote:
>: 3) Second Prize - One “Official” Unicycling Society of Hong Kong, enamel,
>: club - logo, lapel pin!!!
>: 4) Third Prize - One “Official” three - color, cloth - embroidered, club
>: - logo patch. Looks great on a hat or jacket, or even IN YOUR COLLECTION!!
>: (Rare item) !!! :slight_smile:
>: 5) Consolation Prizes - To All “Serious” entries, one booklet of Unicycling
>: Society of Hong Kong, proprietary, UNI-MAIL stickers in Red, Green, and
>: traditional “Air Mail” Blue!!! ** Yes, now YOU TOO can trick the
>: post-man!! (Looks just like a real “AIR - MAIL” sticker, but has a picture
>: of a UNI on it :slight_smile: !!! (Also circulated at UNICON IX)