Yup, I was wondering if anyone would mind letting me stay in their hotel room for the time being of O.U.I this weekend. I’ll of course be paying my fair share.



What is OUI??

It is the answer to the question: Quel est le contraire de « non » ?

If you’re desperate, and nobody else replies, there’s a slim chance that i could convince my girlfriend to let you stay in our spare room in my apartment. The chance is slim though.

Oh, and, OUI = Ottawa Unicycling Invasion, a uni comp held this weekend. There have been a few posts about it here over the last few weeks. Search for it if you want more info.


If you still need a place to stay, you can stay at my place.
When are you planing on getting into town? I’m not going to be around Friday evening untill after 9.30.
Call and let me know what your plans.

Cheers Dave


I’ll just need a place for saturday and from the looks of it I’ll arrange myself with people on-site.

Aaaah… nothing quite like the feeling of being prepared.

O.U.I. is Ontario Unicycle Invasion, I think. it’s a unicycle convention someplace in Ontario.

oooops, just saw someone else did answer (: and it’s not Ontario, it’s Ottowa.


It’s not “Ottowa” either!

It’s the capital of Canada, is spelled “Ottawa”, and is located in Ontario. So, it would be: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

OUI = Ottawa Unicycle Invasion

For more info on OUI: