)--O Trial & Flat O--(

… a little trial and flat.

Youtube: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=nKmycZwmj38

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Nice but what i didn`t like with it was :angry: it was just 2 flat tricks in it :frowning:

realy good
and great trials corse!

i liked it but i think the striped frame would distract me while i am riding.

Nice vid, but the fisheye wasn’t very convincing. :frowning:

Keep up the good work.

Ahhh… I really gotta make my street vid. You used one of the songs I was going to use lol. O’well, I’ll still use it.

I didn’t like the white and black frame and rim.

The first flat trick was cool :smiley:

cool, I checked my youtube subscriptions earlier and saw it before you posted it here.

Like the vid a lot. Looks like a great trials course and those uni’s are pretty.

A few quick suggestions:

  • The fisheye might have worked better if it was cropped so that there was less black border

  • I like a bit of an intro, but it was a bit long.

no there were 3 flat tricks in it: the first the second and the last. :roll_eyes:

des isch voll a geiles video i schreib iatz zfleis deutsch weili mog it englisch scheiben weil es sein ferien! gg lol:D
Aber echt super video

Good Video :slight_smile:

that was really nice. I loved that striped uni:p

nice trials course