o no

my unicycle is broken i cant ride propaly as i started to pedal the cranks go round and the wheel dosnt move and i dont no y

any help would be thankful

clotter pined?

i dunno

wat is it again and how do i fix it

the flanges have seperated from the hub, there is no real way to FIX it other than getting a new hub
and lacing it to the rim, but I don’t think you want to do that when it is such a good “excuse” to get a splined wheelset!

ill try and get a new uni maybe and do the thing u just said

What kind of uni is it? I remember one specific uni that had this problem. It was either the entry level Sun or the Torker Unistar CX. Time for a new wheel dude.

i was thinking about getting a new uni any way maybe i should get a nimbus

there good
What type of ridding do you do / how long you been ridding?

ive bean riding coming up to 2 months now and im getting in to trials and street stuff nothing complex yet but u no

What type of uni do you have?

all the suns have this problem

CX wheels are way stronger than you think, i have JUMPED off of a 4 set pretty high, prolly 2 feet above it, landed and rolled away on a straight, unbent uni :slight_smile:

i dont no it was a really crap one from a bike shop it doesnt say wat it is but its just a stadard uni nothing special

I see, then there really isn’t any room for upgrading, for your frame isn’t wide enough to accommodate a splined wheelset.

Your best bet right now, is to go buy a splined uni if you have the cash. Or, if your budget is tight, to buy the Nimbus trials, the one with out the splined hub, and with 36 spokes.

If you go the Nimbus way, once you feel the need of going spline, you can easily buy a splined hub and use that.

If you decide to go splined right now, then you have nothing to worry about later on.

ill just by a new nimbus trails then thx for the advise